Autumn Chill


I’m so not ready for the cooler weather, I don’t like it, I don’t like bundling up to keep warm. Yesterday was a definite crazy and busy day with tons of tweeting. The day ended on a pretty good note thankfully. I know that the account on Facebook posing as Garth Brooks was definitely not the real Garth. I don’t understand why people are compelled to catfish others. Rumors of retirement have just been swirling around Tony Stewart recently and it appears that there is a press conference on the schedule for Wednesday and it’s suspected that Smoke will be making the formal announcement that he’s hanging up the helmet in 2017 & Clint Bowyer will be taking over the 14 car. Many people including myself are definitely sad about the news but we’re also upset about the way the story was brought to the public attention. Two reporters (Caire B Lang & Jim Utter are responsible for the breaking news way before the conference. While I understand that reporters have jobs to do but to break a story that is this high profile without any word from Mr. Tony Stewart himself is kind of disrespectful. I know there are people who think that Tony is responsible for the death of Kevin Ward, he is not responsible because he did not kill the man-the man killed himself by getting out of the vehicle and walking into get a lot of traffic-they’re still no news on the “pending” wrongful death lawsuit brought by the Ward family. But anyway today’s going to be spent on the sofa with the pooch watching television and monitoring all stories of importance to me that includes the Tony Stewart retirement also the CJ Pearson situation and also I am going to take in you to speak my mind on what ever I’m thinking because that is my right that is my freedom of speech most definitely proud of the Eagles and the Phillies on their game wins yesterday unfortunately the Phillies are not in the running for anything important this season-though I am very happy we got rid of Ruben Amaro; better days are ahead I pray. Even though today is #FreeCoffeeDay to the Eagles victory, I will not be participating in that free coffee giveaway by Dunkin’ Donuts-I will be participating tomorrow in the #NationalCoffeeDay dunkin’ Donuts is giving away a free cup of dark roast. Definitely a good thing.

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