Tuesday Notes & Estate Blog


Okay so I have had a very busy day today and didn’t have enough time or things on my mind to really think about writing until now. It was a typical day at my second home and didn’t do anything crazy either which was fine with me. Definitely did a few laps around the mall campus and enjoyed my #NationalCoffeeDay free coffee from Dunkin Donuts. Didn’t really make any big purchases which is fine with me, spent a little time in the Apple Store and also ran around to capture all the free wifi connection locations into my new 6s. Definitely have more todo with this great device I definitely like the new yard ornament on my front lawn from my Facebook friends who happen to be township officials. I am always scouring the Internet for interesting stories photos etc.-I have a Tumblr account when I follow all types of blogs also where I have several sub blogs. I started one this evening which I will be sharing/reblogging wonderful luxury items such as automobiles and residential type material. I have had interest in real estate interior exterior design-I may not be able to execute many things on my own but I do have an eye for color design etc. I always find it interesting how there are some new stories that I cannot find on Twitter but yet I find on Tumblr-There are stories I can find on Twitter but not Facebook; I think you can get the picture. With all that said-I think I’m going to start the estate blog tomorrow since I am rather tired today-life is good God bless you all and sweet dreams. By the way if anyone has any questions and to the inbox on the fan page for #SimplyMeAndLife


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