#3Cups /#TonyStewartRetirement @TonyStewart

#3Cups /#TonyStewartRetirement @TonyStewart

Good afternoon everybody, I am sitting here on the sofa with the hound dog and we are waiting on Tony Stewart press conference, definitely not something that NASCAR fans are looking forward to I think it’s expected that smoke will be officially announcing his 2017 retirement from the Sprint cup series-he is definitely definitely going to be missed on track. Pink and I have been sitting here this morning working on our computer and tweeting different contacts and reading the news. Last night I forget exactly what I was thinking before I thought asleep but whatever I was thinking was planning to be included in this entry-if I think of what I was thinking last night; I will definitely add it to the next entry -This morning I spent time watching parking wars, Wendy Williams and now I’m watching discovery life network. I have consumed 2 1/2 cups of coffee don’t know exactly halt the coffee for the day but maybe after the next cup. I have been thinking that I want to maybe get a little bit more involved in my community and I’m exploring different options-just signed up for my Township newsletter email delivery. I have been flirting with getting an authentic OtterBox for my 6S-not completely certain if I want to put out $50 or not when I can use that $50 for other things. I was thinking yesterday that my space gray 6S would look good in white and teal but now I’m not so sure I want to spend the extra money. Last night I started a tumblr for everything that is related to real estate and luxury, I plan to share different items on that Account -Mainly houses buildings and vacation location. Definitely enjoyed the tony Stewart press conference because the world has not come to an end as far as his racing career, he is indeed stepping down as driver of the 14 car turn in 2017 but he will be stepping into an F1 car owned by his business partner Gene Haas. It is confirmed that Clint Bowyer is indeed stepping into the cockpit of the number 14; I have an interesting opinion of this but it will all work out in the and I’m certain because I do not believe that Tony would make an error in judgment as far as driving goes. I totally love Tony’s sense of humor about the fact that NASCAR will not be getting rid of him as much as they wish they would, you still going to be involved full capacity as an owner and they will still be able to do fine and suspend him if they wish. So I guess I will be heading to learn about Formula One racing-I have more than one season to start knowing what’s going on-while I have been watching the presser of the Tony Stewart situation I have been paying attention to other feeds of course and I will be going to share some other storylines. But my final thought on Tony, I love the guy because of his track performance, I love him for his sense of humor and his big heart also his genuine Love of NASCAR. It is awesome to know that he loves his fans that he is interacting with us, he is always brutally honest and says what he’s thinking and feeling. I’m sure the story of Tony Stewart will continue definitely not finished for a longshot. Seriously now I’m going to go work on other things. I’ll update things later

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