Wednesday Update

-Wednesday update-OK so this morning I posted several articles to the blog various topics-there is definitely news still developing about the Eagles coaching situation and also Mr. Bill Cosby is in a shit load of trouble because he was charged in Philadelphia case; aggravated sexual assault from 2004. It is in my personal opinion that there will probably be more charges coming because has Bam Margera said there is not enough jell-o in the world to stifle the victims. I’m not surprised that the Eagles terminated Chip Kelly, I am kind of surprised that the timing considering we have one game left but I agree with the termination and I’m going to go look at some of the stuff I’ve seen from the Eagles players past and present on the reactions to the firing. Earlier today when I was on #MeetMe I got another nasty little inbox message about my news alerts -In response to that I don’t care if you don’t like it don’t read it. Spent the morning on periscope with several different people and it was definitely an interesting adventure started out in Massachusetts with some snow on the ground and hunting some owls for photography reasons which unfortunately we found on and then we went to the West Coast for some rose parade float viewing over at fiesta floats and that was definitely kind of cool to see inside of that kind of facility where all they do is put together floats but right now I’m sitting in my den waiting on Verizon to get the little fanny over here and fix that issue that is still lingering with our cable boxes which is pixelated screens hopefully they are bringing a new cable boxes because honestly the ones we have are OLD. This morning our road was closed for some tree maintenance and we had about 6 to 12 trucks hanging out on both sides of the street. And no I didn’t Periscope it because it was nothing exciting. No was something interesting when we were over in California looking at all the floats for the Rose Parade though-I guess he was one of the workers or volunteers that works over at fiesta, he said that the periscope yours don’t have a life and that they need to stop watching the broadcast; #Dumbass #Rude mr. random mustache man doesn’t need to be saying what we as viewers need to be doing or not need to be doing. I’m also following the story that I don’t know very much about in the sense of I don’t follow the musical act but apparently there is some not so happy news happening for the band Backroad Anthem , One of their singers has been missing since Sunday. I will go look that up on Twitter and do a little story copy over about that-was not really wanting to do because I hope you would’ve been found anyway that is my next project. So I will go do that and if anything else wild and crazy happens I will be sure to put that up as well. But for now I’m out of here

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