Bob Barker With Bugs & Daffy

-Bob Barker With Bugs & Daffy-
OK so this is definitely going to be an interesting entry because I have a few stories along with a daily update, today was the second day of the week that I went to my second home. Spent the day walking around and windowshopping-picked up two pantry packs of #Tastykake/ #Reece’s mini cupcakes-got them for my stockpile and knowing I didn’t really need anything else I just spent several hours walking around-I did see a Periscope with my friend Mario and Mr. Bob Barker formerly of the price is right, apparently the sidewalks in his neighborhood have gone to hell and are the reason he at age 91 fell on his bum in October he is looking great now even though he’s 92-I don’t think I’ve ever seen and not wearing a suit today he was in sweats which is probably what ever you’re retired TV game show host is wearing these days if they’re still alive. I had my typical breakfast at Starbucks which is a Trenta iced coffee with caramel. For lunch I had a spinach salad which I brought home the remainder since it was too big for me to finish. Before lunch I found out that the voice of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck had passed away at age 63. That’s all folks- but that’s not all for me because my day is far from over since I want to work on the blog and network with some people. Unfortunately today or shall I say tonight is the season finale of Nightwatch. Thank the lucky stars that there will be a season three-rumors have it that season three could be in Tampa Bay Florida don’t know about that all that is confirmed is that there will be a season 3 and honestly I’m hoping that there will be more than 3 seasons. The presidential Kennedy to keep dropping like flies because they can’t keep their campaigns together or their voters supporters are not there. Honestly I wish all this political bullshit would hurry up and get over and give us a president who knows what they’re doing instead of a friggin dictator. It’s going to be interesting to see what on periscope tonight if anything is good-I know my friend Elias is probably going to be working hopefully he has some interesting things for us, he did not find the suspicious silver Toyota Camry nor did we find the two giant alligator in the pond. There’s always something more exciting going on not near my house not in my neighborhood not in my zone. There are days where I wish I lived in a different location because I need more activity but then again I’m very thankful and happy living where I am because I know I’m safe and I know my community is awesome. Anyway while I sit here with my baby girl I am going to go over to one of my Twitter feeds and pull some stories that I know have been on my mind and I want to share so stay tuned for new articles.


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