Sunday Funday

-Sunday Funday-
Sitting here watching periscope and enjoying my coffee with the pressdog. I haven’t been sharing a lot lately because of the bullshit and drama-here and there is something that is shareable. I’m not sure what I truly think about the KKK & BLM controversy but to me they are both hate group. I’m fed up with the politics and craziness. I’m really not happy with the war on police,it’s getting completely out of control. There was a domestic disturbance that went completely bananas…. A jackass decided that he would shoot his wife and 3 police officers in Virginia,unfortunately 1 of the officers has passed away from her injuries. As for #MeetMe, I don’t know what is really happening over there. It’s more international than I’ve ever seen it and I’m not necessarily content with the middle eastern conference being prominent. I don’t necessarily mind the marijuana flares anymore. I just think that all social media networks and platforms need to take a serious look at the people posting pictures and material related to terrorism. I’m proud to say that Twitter has taken a stand against ISIS. I really wish that the situation with KKK and BLM would be look into with the same eyes depending on what is said-I know that BLM is not specified of a hate group but there are some negativity flares attached to it- yes I know the history of the KKK is out there I understand that it is classified certified hate group but to me when you look at BLM, there are definitely some red flags when you comes to some of the things they do. With blocking traffic blocking roadways blocking public buildings etc. creating havoc creating damage to property. Everyone has the right to put their opinions out into the public forum I understand that. I agree with everybody having a right to their opinion their freedom of speech and anybody who decides to limit freedom of speech deny someone their opinion or right to say their opinion is wrong. With regard to politics holy crap am I getting annoyed. Every time I turn around to look at something on one of my feeds I am bombarded with hatred from Democrats to Republicans vice versa there is definitely a divide between all parties nobody is able to agree on anything-you got the KKK supporting Mr. Trump, You got the BLM supporting one party versus another party. And you also have celebrities starting to back people who are anti-LGBT. I don’t understand how Donnie Wahlberg can support a “presidential candidate” who has a questionable past and who is anti-LGBT when he has a “brother”Who is married to a man and they are very very happy and I support them. Bottom line with that story how can a high-profile celebrity support and anti-LGBT presidential candidate when said high-profile celebrity has a brother who is part of the LGBT community. Another thing that kind of bothers me is how certain people are saying that they are going to leave the country if a certain party is nominated president that is been said in the past and it hadn’t happened in certain celebrities who say they’re gonna leave it a certain party gets elected it’s been said before. Now with regard to today-I’m going to enjoy my day with my canine kid and enjoy some NASCAR racing. My apologies for not sharing or writing for a few days a few hours but I just was having a brain clog.

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