Life Thoughts/LastNight’s News

-Life Thoughts–LastNight’s News-
So every few days/weeks or months, I decide to write about my life,personal and professional so this is one of the updates. Beware of my raw thinking in this entry and I don’t really care what people think because I don’t write journal entries for anyone else’s sanity but my very own.
The weather today had me in grumpy cat mode to begin with even though I had my coffee from my “T’s coffee talk” mug from Trisha Yearwood. Just like every Saturday morning I enjoy the 30-40 minute Facebook Live broadcast with Trisha and whoever her guests are for the segment,today was her nephew Kyle. Anyway the only out of the house/property I’m doing until Monday has been done. Went to lunch with mom. Reason I don’t want to go out until Monday isbecause I don’t want to spend money unnecessarily. I’m still planning on saving up a large bank cushion because I like treating myself occasionally. Treating myself to things is because I currently don’t have a partner in crime/solid relationship. A solid committed relationship but I am not just going to settle for a guy just to “be in a relationship” I will play the field until someone can prove that the relationship is for real,not just a fling/short term. Everyone deserves to have someone special in their life. I definitely have faith in God that he has something in store for me. There’s still a part of me that wants to find my happily ever after,not necessarily marriage but a relationship. I totally think it’s possible for me to stay in my residential region and have a social life that can go offline. Truth is that even though I’m content with life,I know that it can get better and I’m definitely determined to make myself happier.

LastNight’s News/comments
OK so I’m sitting here watching a replay of the NASCAR All-Star race which happened last night, It was very much a comedy show at the expense of Nascar because it seems like nobody knew what rules were in play hence we didn’t have any and it was definitely a comedy show because all the drivers got to do whatever the hell they wanted as long it was safe. Tony Stewart was the grand marshal since it was his last NASCAR All-Star event. Definitely some emotion in his voice when he said “let’s do this guys, drivers start your engines!”-Bryson Byrnes with Michael Waltrip on the grid walk was definitely adorable-talking to some of the past winners was absolutely hysterical. There are definitely some drivers that deserved to win this again but the winner of the actual event shocked me and I was actually not pissed off because it’s not a points race. The edit from FoxSports 1 today is definitely taking out some of the comedy from last night. But in other news besides the NASCAR replay, I am sitting here fielding questions comments etc. on Facebook MeetMe and other platforms. I woke up to some interesting things on Facebook unfortunately a Nother police officer shot and killed at 12:30 this morning in Auburn Massachusetts, I was saying to a friend that this bullshit has to stop this police brutality and I say that with air quotes may or may not exist in my mind because if the subject was to follow commands I don’t think there would be any issues.


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