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Monday Madness/Verizon Hell

Monday Madness And Verizon Hell
So here I sit at the client’s home watching Spike TV, I’m going to guess its a CopsTV & Jail marathon. My mall day went pretty good and didn’t overspend thankfully. I’m brainstorming about different hobbies that I can restart because my creative bone is starting to itch again. Back at my house we are going on day three with broken promises/commitments from Verizon. The long standing problem with wifi and router failure is making everyone absolutely insane and tempers very short. Still thinking about my future and life. Like I have said in the past I’m mostly content with a few minor glitches. The glitches are something I can fix given the time and resources. I’m totally thinking of taking a nap just because it kills time. Just checked Facebook and found out that CopsTV is in Hazleton Pennsylvania filming for next season and they’re going to be in town for the next two months. There are several other things happening on Facebook and other sites that have my attention but haven’t decided to write about just yet. I’m still upset about Mr Obama and his vile destruction of America which Mr Trump says that he vows to make great again. The reason I like Donald is because he is not a career politician and he seems to be someone who has an ear to the citizens. Unlike Mrs Clinton and Mr Sanders who probably have an agenda for dragging America further down the toilet. Definitely there are days where I wish we could flip back time and take it back to before 9/11 when we appeared tobe somewhat secure. I know that there are some who claim that it was all an inside job and there’s a nut job who wants to recreate the towers falling. In my mind, it’s definitely doubtful that anything positive will come of the redo, the negative effects and reminders is all that would happen.



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