75th Birthday + Notes

75th Birthday + Notes
So today would have been my dad’s 75th birthday so it’s kinda bittersweet vibe to my day, so other than that things were nothing new on anything especially the hurry up and wait on Verizon. Day number five with pretty much all the same excuses for not showing up to am appointment. Spent the morning at the mall,walking around. Love my time at the mall because I can practically do whatever I want. Currently sitting at home watching television and networking. I’m thinking of some of the crazy things I saw on the feeds like political and religious drama. No I don’t think it’s anywhere near appropriate for there to be an Islamic center anywhere in A stones throw in relation to the Freedom Tower. Absolutely insane that the idea would even come up-for those of us who know somebody who lost somebody back on 911; no thank you it is not even within consideration for us to think that and Islamic center of any sort be allowed/permitted anywhere near that area. Apparently Mr. Donald Trump has enough points in his bucket to clinch the Republican nomination for president-I really wish that they would throw the book at Mrs. Hillary Clinton because we all know that bitch is in violation of the law in many different categories. No I’m not gonna turn this into a ranting entry I was thinking about the Johnny Depp situation, feel bad about the divorce but shit happens. I tweeted something about Janet Jackson and her 18 year old daughter that is being raised by Janet’s older sister Rebbie. I really wonder what she’s thinking about this current pregnancy,saying that it is baby number one when it’s not. And this just in: Khloe Kardashian has just filled for divorce from Lamar Odom again. Anyway just another day another dollar and it’ll be onto the next day in a few hours.


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