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Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend
So this weekend is not about the fact that it’s a three-day weekend, this weekend is about the men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for their country. To the families of those who we have lost we want to extend our deepest condolences to your family for the devastating loss. I am sitting here at home with my canine and watching the NASCAR events on television while I do some social networking, I have been fielding questions I have been watching live periscope broadcasts. I actually watched a Periscope broadcast from Collier County Florida with my friend Eli S. He was periscope in from a one car traffic accident where the occupants of the vehicle were texting and snap chatting, They ended up flipping their vehicle and annoying to message on their mobile devices open till fire rescue and the police got to the scene I don’t know how they were not severely injured or killed it is a miracle in itself that they were not killed. It is ridiculous that they thought that text message or a Snapchat was more important than paying attention to the road and driving. No text message cell phone call or Snapchat is worth risking your life or anybody else’s life. So during my afternoon-I was watching NASCAR I was watching the periscope I was doing other things but now I’m hanging out on MTV watching catfish. Probably going to spend a few more hours with dachshund and I really wish I had a swimming pool or hot tub even though it’s beautiful summer like weather it would be nice to relax in the water. With that said I’m out here. My websites are updated with a few different things I’ve seen during my travels today. I will be back later if not tonight tomorrow with more stories and opinions.



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