Pink’s Adventure & SHR Victory @RaceSonoma

Pink’s Adventure & SHR Victory @RaceSonoma
OK it’s time to update everybody a little bit, for the past couple days it seems like forever I have been having some technical difficulties when it comes to my blog entries posting to the proper positions, for some unknown reason things seem to be back to normal, now isn’t necessarily normal but in my case I’m happy with where things are-I did have a very good day it was a quiet day here at the compound and it was a day where I didn’t do very much, I just let me and Pink go with the flow. For the most part we sat here on the sofa and watched discovery life channel because they had one of our marathons going on untold stories of the ER. I also spent a lot of time Toying around with connections and doing a little bit of socializing. I seem to have a niche for bringing up controversy or sharing a lot of articles that involve controversy. I am one that usually keeps distance from certain topics but lately I’ve been diving right into them because unfortunately there is nothing else to discuss in my blogs because all of the news that I have run across is political and or terrorist/terrorism related. I don’t like politics I don’t like terrorism I don’t like people who don’t like law enforcement. There are many things that I don’t like in life but within the recent weeks and months I’ve been discussing such topics because sadly there’s nothing else going on. On Friday we know that a Delaware County Pennsylvania police officer was indeed ambushed by five suspects during a SWAT team involved situation: he was shot seven times and by the grace of God he did not perish, he was hit three times, in the face in the leg and in the shoulder. By Friday evening he was surprisingly in relatively good condition and over the weekend we have seen encouraging updates from the hospital in Philadelphia. He has become a trending topic on Twitter, he was supposed to go to the Kenny Chesney show last night but unfortunately he had to stay in his hospital but that doesn’t mean Mr. Chesney let this event go unnoticed, apparently this morning from Nashville Kenny called Officer Chris Dorman and actually apologized for The misunderstanding that officer Dorman had perished which he had not and also wanted to take him to a football game and to grab a few beers. Unfortunately I didn’t get to go to the Kenny Chesney concert but you better believe it I was all over Twitter tweeting my support for Officer Christopher Dorman. I was also working on other blogs during that time and I’m happy to say that they are published over on We also had a little excitement with regard to the Doxie today, she basically dictated the day which is not that which is better than President Obama dictating my life and country life. I did laundry, I sat outside-I missed half the NASCAR race today because the pooch wanted some quality time with me. I love quality time with her so I didn’t really mind of course. I didn’t really have a favorite today other than my regular drivers honestly I’m not a big huge fan of road course racing because to me it’s more difficult then the other race tracks. Carl Edwards was the race polesitter but he did not finish in first place. The big victory of this road course race went to Mr. Tony Stewart-and it was as if Dale Senior was back in town everybody was so proud of Tony because as many of us are well aware Tony is retiring after this season as a driver- many of us didn’t even know if he would be back in the car because of his severe back injury. Praise God that he recovered and was able to take his seat back after eight weeks out of the car-it is a bittersweet victory I am certain. The good thing for me I didn’t have to hear or see is the 22 car. But following the race this evening, I went to go retrieve the dogs bedding which she had me wash this afternoon and somehow she decided to follow me up the stairs so we spent about 10 to 15 minutes wandering the halls until I was able to pick her up and slowly carry her down the stairs needless to say she is feeling much better but we are now officially out of peanut butter men. My question is why can’t all men taste like peanut butter?-That’s all from here for now so I hope you have a great evening and we will touch base sometime tomorrow in the journal aspect. I’m sure that there are going to be articles that I’m wanting to share with you in the meantime.

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