Just Another Day

Just Another Day
OK so I haven’t done anything to exciting today because I didn’t leave the house but that’s all right I’ll be going tomorrow over to my second home and getting my exercise also be looking around for anything exciting to watch. I’m looking forward to summer I’m looking forward to having money to do whatever I want because I’ve been saving-I decided with my last surprise spending that I needed to build up a serious cushion in my bank account. I don’t really want or need that much out of life that I would consider myself spoiled I work for everything I have but I’ve wanted if I set myself A goal, I will achieve that goal whether it be important to others or whether it be important to me-I want to become successful for myself successful in my eyes is someone that doesn’t sit on their ass every day with nothing to do. Successful is someone that doesn’t need others to pay for them someone that doesn’t need handouts someone that doesn’t need a sugar daddy because they’re so god damn spoiled that they live beyond their means. I live in reality, I live my life as drama free as possible. I don’t want to have to rely or leech off someone. I may not be the best entrepreneur The best small business owner but that doesn’t mean it I am not personally successful. Yes I spend a lot of time online with social media networks yes I’m more popular online and I am on the real world but even know it bothers me sometimes I would definitely be more exhausted on a daily basis if my off-line social life was as complex as my online social life can be at times. Yes I wish I had the money to travel in person to wherever I wanted to go wherever I want to go whenever I want to do it but for me that is not reality reality is my small happy life and I make the most of what I have. I don’t go begging people to do something for me I am able to do myself. There are definitely things that annoy the shit out of me that are going on in this world but I have written enough launch about that but you are all aware of what I have stressed my opinion on. I so definitely think that we need a government that is capable of recognizing terrorism when it is terrorism and we need those bastards to go after the negative naughty extremist radical jihadists. The fact that my phone knows how to spell jihadists and says Islam before island the fact that my phone is able to recognize certain Muslim/middle eastern terms kind of disturbs me. The fact that we have a “president” in the White House who cannot and will not acknowledge The word terrorism the word terrorist the event of terrorist attack is a very frightening. Not to mention that we have some crazy lady named Hillary wanting to call the White House home again after her disgraceful excuse for a husband made a mockery out of his presidency. I don’t want another fucking dictator in United States of America. We deserve a president who will stand up and defend our country against all evil. And for those of you who think that being in the LGBT community or supporting the LGBT community is wrong is sinful is disgusting-this is America bitch and we have the freedom to love who we want to love and be who we are. Hate is not something that you are born with hate is something that is taught as for being gay lesbian transgender you are born who you are whether you are happy with who you are when you were born or not you have the ability to make up your mind for yourself and nobody should be able to tell you differently. The bottom line is that you as a human being should be allowed to be happy. Anyway some of you may or may not know about the show Beverly Hills 90210 -I grew up watching that show, I still follow via Twitter many of the stars/actors from not show. I am totally blessed to be Facebook friends with two of the actors from the original 90210. Christine Elise McCarthy and Ian Ziering.-We are all getting up there in age I will admit some of us look much better than others both Christine and Ian look better than me, but hopefully I will age gracefully. While I have not decided if I am or if I am not going to be a brand ambassador for Nu Skin or not I am going to look into some of their products and possibly purchase, I want to learn about each product to see what I would get out of purchasing. Little did I think this little old entry was going to be so detailed with so many different things. I’m definitely looking forward to the next couple weeks into the summer and looking forward to getting my life organized because I know I can do it if I just put my mind to it. So with that I’m out of here for now.


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