#TheResistance/ #RedNation/ Something To Believe In

#TheResistance/ #RedNation/ Something To Believe In
-Dear God, I believe in you even though you have made my life very difficult. You have given me many trials and tribulations. I have been through hell and I have come back from hell, sometimes I wonder if I’m going back to hell. I love my life in paradise but there are a few things that would make it better. If I could find a way to make extra money that was legal of course-I understand that I may have not been cut out to do certain things in this world in this lifetime but I sure as hell would appreciate if you would grant me a few easy paths to take. My relationships in this world have been short and sweet though I wish I could find someone who I would be completely comfortable and not have to worry about my inlaws judging me and causing my life to go upside down. Another thing that I would pray for is that the negative nasty situation in the political system would cease to exist. I’m really feeling a shit ton of anxiety some days when I look at my social networks because of everything being so damn dramatically out of control with the liberal community and those who hate the United States. I’m sick of seeing the anti Trump gangsters who are turning the neighborhoods into dangerous places and I’m tired of the anti American rioting and mass killings of innocent people. I’m fed up with Islam and radical Muslim extremism who are slaughtering people for one reason or another. I’m sick of Islam and hate in countries where it used to be safe to go out and live life where now people are getting raped and or murdered just because of their lifestyles. I’m an American woman and I’m angry. I’m a patriot who wants her country back under law and order with a president instead of a dictatorship. I’m happier with the republican White House versus a “democratic” White House. Democrats have turned themselves into devils who think that they can do whatever they want and destroy the country and make the civilized world into a bloody democracy. I’m not writing and sharing as much on my website because it’s all the same thing being published by mainstream media and I don’t trust them. I’m sick of the “news networks” because they are giving out misinformation and nothing is trusted anymore. So I’ll be spending my immediate future working on knitting for family/friends and charities. Life should be a beach not a bitch.

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