Frosy Falls & King Of Prussia

Frosty Falls & King Of Prussia
So I’m sitting here watching NASCAR knitting today, spending the day home for many reasons the primary is that mother nature has turned the icebox on outside and nobody wants to go outside for more than five minutes. I am very happy to be knitting and I have great news with regard to that-I have been granted permission to add to my stockpile stash of yarn if I am making a garment which needs extra yarn to complete it. I am still rather upset with the politics in this nation W/regard the snowflakes and liberal assholes and finding out what Mr. Obama has done to Mr. Trump makes me sick-wire tapping the future lawmakers of the world/country is beyond rude inappropriate etc.-now for the reason I named it #KingOfPrussia, for a while now both the mall and the town center/the village have very pricey space rental. I had been looking forward to the local location of Wahlburgers which was scheduled for Summer of 2017 but a monetary dispute they are no longer coming. Anyway last night I was networking a little bit before bed, now I am knitting-taking a break from the blanket because we drop two stitches several rows back and I want to repair that before continuing. I decided to start a new project so I’m not sitting here doing nothing. Frustrated about the blanket yes because I was very content knitting this blanket knowing that I was going mistake free. Anyway this morning I watched a few periscope broadcast from last night and this morning I was watching a few live. One of the ones I watched this morning was Dale Earnhardt Jr and his #DaleJR360/ #DirtyMoRadio Broadcast which will be out at 3 PM-4 PM. According to #MikeDavis88 and #TylerOverstreet The #DaleJR360 you’ll be live on every Tuesday which is kick ass awesome. So I’m still keeping track of the fake news bullshit drama everywhere across the board with regard to President Trump and former President Barack Hussein Obama. I am totally annoyed with Mr. Hussein Obama creating a Malay of issues for Mr. President. I am totally behind the travel ban I agree that the United States of America needs to be protected-we need to protect ourselves from radical Islam and from sharia law and everything else that is negative from the Middle East this is a Christian country-yes we have other religions here yes we have many different people who come from around the world do you live here but we need to keep these people who are here illegally. Coincidentally a tweet just one across my feed about sharia law and it is oppressive and barbaric truth be told. There are a few select Democrats and I would like to see imprisoned. There are definitely things that can be done in this country to blackball and Stonewall certain people certain entities etc. I have faith in Mr. Trump I have faith in what he’s trying to do because I know for the most part he’s trying to protect our country. W/ my friends who do not agree with my political stance; I understand where they’re coming from and I do not have any problem with them because I know they are able to speak their mind and feel what they want to say. Anyway I’m embarking on a 52 stitch wide unsure what it’s going to be but God willing I’ll get it done updates later maybe it’ll be something for me. I’m using mistletoe even though it’s not the holiday season anymore.

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