Knitting For Fun & Maybe More

Knitting For Fun & Maybe More
Knitting is something I really enjoy and something I learned back in the day. When I first started knitting again recently-I ordered a boatload of random yarn in both acrylic and carton so I’m sitting here staring at over 30 skeins and over 30 balls. My intention is knitting dishcloths and scarves for either donation and or sales. OK since I was here a few minutes ago, I fixed the blanket I was making-I have knit 57 rows in banana berry, The next two skeins of banana berry arrive today so I have enough to finish the project. I also downloaded a row counter but I have to manually update but that is fine because it attaches to my account. This evening Pink and I are going to be watching television and following up on stories we found out about this morning, not necessarily world stories but some entertainment stories. Aside from the bullshit shenanigans going on in the real world my world is happy and content when I don’t think about the trials and tribulations of Washington etc.-God bless President Trump and I’m very happy to have friends who have differing opinions because then I see what the opposition thinks but I will say this. When I publish certain articles I do my best to make certain that I don’t pass on fake news-there is obviously fake news on the Republican side and fake news on the Democratic side I understand both parties including the other two parties libertarian and independent we all have different opinions we all think different things none of us are going to agree no matter which way you shake it out so I post what I feel is appropriate and I post what I agree with and I even posted on things I don’t agree with because I’m so frustrated with them. Today is Thursday and I’m going to work overtime on the blanket but also keep track of the news though for my own sanity I’m scaling back on the political drama because I’m being swamped with everything from everywhere. I’ve unfollowed some threads because of some of crazy stuff being said. I need to preserve my mind. But with that all said I’m outta here for now.

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