Snow Day Knitting

Snow Day Knitting
Yes it’s snowing no I’m not happy about it and I was not happy that I made another error in my blanket-I had to rip out another six rows because I dropped one stitch. So I’m rebounding and going to work my little tail off to make up for lost ground-I’m not going anywhere today because of this inclement weather it is not that cold but it is snowing and I am seeing stupid drivers via periscope-I am not going to have mom risk our truck because of some other ass wad who doesn’t know how to drive in the snow. Pink and I are relaxed on the couch in the quiet and we are happy. Last night was an amazing night with #NightwatchTampa kind of interesting out people don’t think it’s smart who I don’t want to go to a hospital when the Defibrillator keeps zapping them-I was under the impression that there was a way for medical personnel to “arrest you” if you were in a life questioning position-and all honesty there should be if there is something that they know is going to kill you but you are stubborn enough not to go. So going back to my knitting iPhone I’m using banana berry, it looks very much like emerald energy from Lily #SugarNCream which gives me the idea that I could make something out of that Emerald energy-definitely thinking about it and definitely thinking about other projects especially with the single skeins or the two skeins that I have I could definitely make something interesting and not just scarves. Dear Mr. snowman you are beautiful to look at but you’re a pain in the ass you make driving difficult because people don’t know how to drive when you’re around. Dear Mother Nature! You are a crooked bitch because you are so moody you don’t know what kind of whether to give us. To those in America who think that Mr. Donald Trump is a bad president is an evil doer-would you rather have you taking a gander at what is going on in other countries that used to be civilized? Do you remember September 11, 2001? I know that I have some friends in my Facebook family who are not really fond of Mr. Trump-I love you anyway regardless of who you are regardless of what you think I love you but when it comes to politicking we are safer under Mr. Donald John Trump because he is bringing back law and order-he is working on making my country which my eighth generation grandfather signed the Declaration of Independence a safer place-I do not like all these little organizations who are trying to give these illegal immigrants these undocumented aliens a safe way out there trying to tell them how they are not going to get deported Ivan I would rather see my country shaken up where we have a purge of undocumented aliens and we keep out illegal beasts who want to raise hell on our soil. I know that under Mr. Obama we do not have a major terror attack like we did on September 11, 2001 but we did have several and I mean several incidents of terrorism whether it be homegrown whether it be imported we had it and honestly to have a president or a man that is supposed to represent and protect my nation that allowed that kind of bullshit to happen. I am not happy we had eight years of setbacks and craziness and lawlessness-I’m sorry to those who think Mr. Trump is crippling our nation but in reality he is making us stronger. Yes bring law and order back into the country he is allowing our police officers are border protection our immigration officers to do their job. Doing their job to protect the American people even if you are here legally you are fine. I remember the other day somebody asked in one of the scopes I was watching what about visas and green cards-how do we know that they are students-student visa student green card, how do we know that they don’t have evil intent. Looking back at where my life is been in the past I have had many experiences in life and still move that knowledge some of that “psychological training or way of thinking- is forever instilled in me because of 911 we will not ever forget what happened that day and God willing we will never have another one but we know because we see it happening in Europe in other places that have let these “refugees” in over their borders and they’ve created havoc in countries that used to be civil I feel sorry for the people who have “leaders” they believe it is better to have a melting pot of people that they do not screen these people that they do not know what background these people have and for the Democrats in my country-you stupid sons of bitches who have made it possible for certain people to go under the wire against president Trump’s “travel ban” six days from now there will be another travel ban and I pray to God that it works better than the first one because I’ve heard that there were significant decrease in illegal immigration I really don’t give a fuck about these people in other countries who are creating this hell on earth for people for civilized innocent people that are being killed for no reason. Anyway this way I could go on for hours which I’m sure everybody is bored with me by now so I am going to go back to my knitting where I can get some sense of peace. -Killision On Oxygen-
So I just stumbled upon the show listed above and I’m going to hang out on oxygen today. It’s another chilly day in Philadelphia I’m not happy about it at all-I ordered more Southern pecan coffee last night on Amazon-I might put that as a monthly or bi monthly anyway I was doing a little networking before I fell asleep last night-apparently there were some entertaining periscopes from some of my networking family last night. W/regard to my knitting – I have plenty of ideas in my head and I have plenty of yarn to achieve many projects though I’m thinking of things that I could start working that we need more of the specific color variation.
So I woke up this morning a few hours to the groggy and turned on the television decided to spend the day with oxygen again-I went to the mall after a few hours after breakfast- several months ago I bought A sweatshirt at VictoriaSecret-pink and did not know it at the time but they had left the security sensor on the garment-being that it is been so long since I made the purchase, I no longer had the receipt so they told me that they could not remove the sensor without receipt-Who in their right mind keeps their receipts for over a year I certainly do not-especially when I know I am satisfied with the purchase. Long story short we are going to remove the sensor at home because even though I understand their policy, it’s been a year at least. anyway, I’m back on the couch in my house watching oxygen again, thinking about my lunch break of sorts where I seem to have been inundated with complaints either with regard to my blog or comments on somebody else’s entries.. there is nothing wrong with anybody sharing their opinion and everybody as they’re right there opinion. When I comment on someone else’s page I look at what I’m commenting on and I formulate an opinion depending on what evidence is there my opinion can only go so far and my self-taught knowledge of certain situations gives me a better way to formulate an opinion. If I share something to my blog I read the article before sending it in the blog so I’m somewhat open up on the topics that I share. I don’t really think about who is going to like or who is not going to like what I have to say or share. That is what is wonderful about my country is it everybody has a right around opinion. With that said I am going to sign off for now if there any other articles that I find relevant to share I will definitely do so so until then I will be networking and knitting.

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