Snowflakes & PipeDreams

Snowflakes & PipeDreams
So I’m sitting here thinking about last night and the NASCAR events along with my life along with my pipe dreams. I have been staying away from political shares for now unless there’s something groundbreaking because it’s just repetitive and sometimes overwhelming. I enjoy keeping up with the crazy but there’s times like right now that it’s just overkill. I had a blast last night watching the Kolbalt 400 because I’m very happy about the jackpot winner…. Martin Truex Jr is the first driver to successfully tackle the trifecta of stage racing. Very awesome to know that my favorite driver achieve history. Though this awesomeness was overshadowed by another Kyle Busch temper tantrum. Because of a on track dispute with Joey Logano Kyle decided that it was a good idea to sucker punch Sliced Bread. Of course that’s not appropriate and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens come Tuesday with NASCAR officials with penalties. Anyhow I have written about the fact that I would like to go tiny living or something in that realm but when thought through I realize that my family is not completely suited for tiny house. I love seeing the lifestyle though and seeing what happens when people downsize everything. It would be nice to downsize and be comfortable off the grid or somewhat off the grid. I’ve been spending a lot of my time knitting which is one of my favorite pastimes. I was thinking about the fact I’ve been off practically all mainstream “dating/social networks” and I’m happy with the life I am making. I get to spend time with family, I get to network with my online family and I get to be creative in my own way-just wish the weather was warmer than it is. If I could have whatever I want to work wise and I know people tell me that when you get paid for something you do as a hobby it becomes less inviting but I think that my hobby knitting or my hobby blogging could be monetarily productive if I got in with the right people. I enjoyed meeting and if I knew I was making something for someone who needed it it is definitely incentive-I’ve knitted for the troops before and I’d gladly do that again once I get my stash of yarn down to where I can purchase yarn for new projects.-right now I’m focusing on knitting for friends and family definitely would not mind taking a custom order for scarf or a small blanket or towels/dishcloths. so I’m leaving all doors open of course. I know I always leave my self written and trees on a cliffhanger but that’s the way my thoughts run if you were inside my head you would see that I don’t always thinkeverything fully through before coming to my blog but the way I see it and feel it is if I get the thought out of my head I can move on with other thoughts and feelings. So I will be back the next time I have a brainstorm.

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