#Stella & #Maddow w/a dash of #AColdOne & My Thoughts Of The Past Days

#Stella & #Maddow W/A dash of my thoughts
So today was day one of the big blizzard which turned out to be only 6 inches because most of it was rain and sleet. The wind is keeping my sweetheart up-Rachel Maddow thinks she has president Trump’s tax return but it is his 1040 from 2005 which is nothing important and if she decides to lick this information it is a felony. And Pastor Greg Locke said it perfectly-Rachel Maddow “I’m a liberal puppet and I have no real news so I lie”. Anyway I will finish this article tomorrow because I’m sleepy. I’ve been watching the crazy unfold with liberal mayhem but I’m not sharing any articles because it’s just making me angry. Spend yesterday morning knitting and watching television then got a haircut then had lunch. Following a fabulous meal I came home and started knitting again. I’m thinking that I just might be able to finish the blanket with only two skeins. Didn’t really think it would be enough. Happily I’m impressed with how far the yarn is stretching. I’m very content with life and how things are happening in my life even though there’s definitely somethings I would change if possible. I’ve decided that after I finish this baby blanket I may embark on a blanket for myself with colors I already have unsure of which there is maybe but I also realize that I can mix #BananaBerry W/ #McCaw because I see that there’s McCaw in the Banana Berry. Be awesome if I could find a lemon lime color on its own because I love that to. Spending the day working on this blanket and watching Dr. G medical examiner-I am programming my phone slowly as I find shows that I love and I want to watch in marathon style. I am going to go out today to get some exercise, but the main focus for this weekend is to get this blanket finished and start my next project. To be continued in the next blog-self written blog that is.

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