Weekend Knitting Etc

Weekend Knitting Etc
So I’m still working on this baby blanket for my cousin,-I’m using red heart acrylics in banana berry, and like I said in the last self written, banana berry appears to be mixed of McCaw W/a lemon lime color-I wish I could find the lemon lime on its own because I love that it’s vibrant it’s beautiful. So it’s monster energy cup race day out at Phoenix, it’s an interesting race indeed because we have the 18 and the 22 post driver debacle, we had a trumpet Player doing the national anthem which was very very cool. Definitely looking forward to seeing how this event ends. God willing Dale Jr and Martin Jr Will finish well. I am knitting on size 6 silvalume W/approximately 80 stitch wide dish towel/kitchen towel in the chocolate from Lily SugarNCream. I also have the same color over in the Caron-Jumbo. Definitely looking forward to using that with something not sure what-my poor stash looks sad because of the way it was stacked before. Definitely looking forward to knitting what’s left here including my Lily SugarNCream yarn we drive over 20 2 ounce balls. If I recall correctly I ordered them in quantity of 3 or 4. At the time when I ordered them I thought it was gonna be making dishcloths in mass production. Obviously not but in other news-Pink is snuggled under the blanket which is on top of our new sofa cushions in Bay Brown. Speaking of brown and new things, I’m knitting a new blanket for the sofa. If you goto wwww.facebook.com/PinkPressDogNotez & look at The March 21, 2017 post from Instagram #PinkPressDog is my knitting catalog. Anyway that’s my focus today-the knitting, I do still have political article sharing but it’s more sporadic now because I was realizing that the political drama on going in this country in this world is making me too stressed out. I’m spending most of my time lately watching my programs listening to podcasts also watching periscope broadcast and networking with sometimes random people but sometimes people I’ve known for years and whether their social media family or real world Family/friends it is what it is.

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