Candles & Yarn: Love-N-Creativity

Candles & Yarn: Love-N-Creativity
Good afternoon and welcome to Friday, we are hanging out at the compound, teriyaki chicken day three. All seems to be well & my queen seems to be doing pawsome. Anyway the title of this blog entry relates to two of my loves, Candles and Yarn, I love collecting candles primarily #YankeeCandle but I’ve learned in my inventory I have several different candle companies, some cheap some expensive. I’ve collected on and off for a very long time. I collect because I love having the different scents & I love #YankeeCandle’s motto which is “live scentfully ” with my yarn stash, when I first started knitting I was a teenager and I used primarily cotton yarn to make dishcloths for our local church to sell at their bazaars. Now I knit scarves or mini blankets. Are use acrylic yarn to make my scarves and blankets because they seem to be warmer and I’m starting to find acrylic yarn is easier to work with. I started knitting scarves for the military or the less fortunate but then I made a mini blanket for my baby cousin-I’m working on two other blankets at the moment and I have a vision for at least two more. The many blankets are definitely a stash buster even though sometimes it requires a stash update if I use a color that I do not have enough of my need to re-order that- when I’m crafting I’m usually not working or watching television sometimes both-right now we are watching American Justice it started in Los Angeles with the infamous Rodney King situation from the early 90s and nine times out of 10 I side with the police department because I understand how the situation can occur and I rarely see of the “victim” of “Police brutality”-I don’t see how people think that the subject could think it was to allowable to disrespect the police. In this day and age I am very disturbed by what’s going on in my country and around the world with regard to terrorism regard to hiring with regard to disrespect for law-enforcement and all first responders for that matter. I think that people have a severe lack of respect for authority I think that Canada is extremely wrong in excepting refugees” because we all know good and well that refugees” want to destroy the world and make every country in the global area a Muslim Islamic hell. Canada in fact said that they now consider any type of criticism of Islam illegal. Do not get me wrong, even though I voted for Mr. Trump-President Trump-I do not agree with everything he has set forth to do but I also do not agree at all with the Democratic politicians and civilians who are being negative towards Mr. Trump-President Trump. I do not agree with snowflake nation I do not agree with the Democratic politicians at all, I think Mr. president is in a class of his own and I do not mean that disrespectfully I mean that as he is in a political class of his own and that political class is different then the Democrats and the Republicans the independents and the Greens. The reason I say this is because there are some Republicans who are not on board with Mr. President unfortunately I figured this one out long ago but confirming this is the fact that they are being complete ass wipes when it comes to working with Mr. President. I agree that Obama care needs to be fixed I agree that there are things that Mr. Obama has done in his eight year and year that is unforgivable-Mr. Obama is a devil he was a dictator and he is continuing to be a mother of an ass. Even if Barry and Michelle were not directly involved with wiretapping or spying on Donald and Melania, they were definitely involved somehow because there are rumors about the Obama top brass being involved in some negative behavior. -I am getting the impression that there is some fresh terrorism happening in France unfortunately I believe it is a shooting incident in Lille. Also the ex president of Penn State has been charged W/one count of child endangerment with regard to the Jerry Sandusky case. So this blog actually went as my normal plugs go I pick a topic and I have so much on my mind that I cannot stay with it but I will indeed go and find out what is happening in France and I will grab the Penn State article and I’ll be over to my website. So thank you for putting up with my ramblings as always.

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