Love & Creativity

Love & Creativity
So it’s the day after the beautiful weather and the barricaded gunman on the strip. I’m sitting in the shop watching the world going by through the big beautiful window and thinking about the past few hours. I’m happy to report that the gunfire situation that happened in Lille France was a
domestic situation gone wrong. Also that after five hours the gunman on the city bus between Planet Hollywood and The Cosmopolitan.
Such a busy day yesterday and another long day today but I’m thankful that I’m getting healthier. I’ve started drinking greentea multiple times a week and getting exercise I’m feeling more energized. I didn’t even watch NASCAR yesterday because I was on the go so much. When I wasn’t running around, I was on the sofa with my furkid watching television and knitting. I love being able to be my own boss. Today was definitely a good day because I got my tea and exercise along with numerous rows of knitting finished on the projects. There’s probably a nap in my future but I giggled just a bit when the explanation of the United vs Leggings story was unraveled. Apparently there was an independent blogger like myself who wrote about the incident and it went viral. When I first heard the controversy W/United and the leggings/dress code, I had a little bit of mixed feelings because it was on the border of too much control. More think about it the more I side with United and placed some blame on the owner/employee of the buddypass. They should have explained the dress code situation to the friend. Over the past few hours i’ve been working on my knitting, mostly on the sky. I just got another warning from Facebook it tells me that I posted nudity and they removed it; hasn’t happened never did never will so fuck you. So I realized that it’s probably fake it’s not really Facebook it’s telling me I posted photos but anyway FU anyway. To end this crazy entry I must say that I had a ball tonight with my friend Ian on Facebook live, if you don’t know what kind of wonderful products are made by NuSkin and you’re not a part of Ian’s Beauty box on Facebook-you’re missing out on some great fun. There’s so many products I’m actually interested in even though I haven’t taken the leap yet. But some nights when I watch it’s very impromptu comedy when the unexpected happens. Tonight we had Facebook live problems-the Wi-Fi sucked. But it was really really fun anyway because the script didn’t go as scheduled and there was impromptu comedy. And then I got a little bit of Facebook live with Cortney Carrion. Beautiful young lady from my #MarriedAtFirstSight family. Anyway check all the stuff out I promise you you will have a good time. Tomorrow I will be there he very very busy so I think I’m going to sign off and get some sleep and it’s only 20 of 10 in the evening #GoodNight

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