Virginia & Beyond

Virginia & Beyond
So I’m back from my mini vacation and I’ve got mixed feelings about being back home in the keystone state because for some reason I feel more at ease in the country. I really enjoy being off the beaten path with my family and just relaxing with my needles,yarn and thought process. Someday I would love to just leave the crazy world and move what’s important in my bubble to the backwoods life. Anyhow spending time with family in the real world is absolutely amazing and being able to knit for loved ones gives me more purpose. I’m thinking about projects way ahead of time and I’m thinking about life without the clutter of unnecessary people and drama. Yes I have the need to know what’s going on outside of my bubble but I’m learning how to filter the unnecessary things out so that I don’t get myself upset. I’m a knitter and a writer. I have given up the other stuff because I have found my niche. I was happy with the peacefulness I’ve found and I’m going to be making some changes to my life so I’m living simply. I enjoy keeping up with the world in bits and pieces, as long as I have an idea of what’s happening in the world I’m going to be fine. Just give me wifi, electric cable and the the necessary things I need and I’m going to be fine with that. Living off the grid is something I’d love to be able to do but where I am, it’s not fully possible. The sightseeing in Virginia was fabulous and looking forward to going back in a few weeks. Monticello was beautiful and interesting. I’ll always be able to go to google and research the stuff I may or may not remember. Thomas Jefferson was pretty awesome as was the campus of the university of Virginia. The most walking I’ve done in one single day. A lot of my vacation was chronicled on Facebook/Twitter because it was easier than doing a blog entry every couple days and the more I update on Facebook the less I write my entries. But overall I had an awesome time and looking forward to the next visit.
The days since I returned has been pretty quiet because I’ve been ignoring some of which are happening in the real world because I’m tired of it, I’m tired of tracking the crazy so my blog it’s going to take a little turn but i’ll definitely be updating but I will throw this out there that the Twitter to follow for updates on travel is BSChief540 & if you want to follow my Facebook account So until further notice I will be updating from the pages and working on my knitting. I will be updating the blog W/stories I come across.

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