#FunInTheSun P2

#FunInTheSun P2
Like I said every girl deserves diamonds, sometimes I prefer Topaz over diamond so I’m thinking about buying myself a white topaz ring-been thinking about it for a while just haven’t pulled the trigger and speaking of pulling the trigger I haven’t shot my gun in a few months again, no haven’t given up on it. Just haven’t had the stress that has required me to pull the trigger. Trigger happy I still am & i’m still looking into getting my concealed carry permit even though I do not plan at the moment to upgrade from a BB gun. I just believe in this world as things are going yeah better be safe than sorry. One never knows what the hell is going to occur. Let me tell you this, regardless of who you voted for the world is a mess we have all kinds of mayhem going on in the Korea’s we have all kinds of crazy mess going on liberal vs conservative. For those of us who are in the middle of the road it is very difficult to tread the waters because you don’t want to upset one side or the other. Mr. president Donald John Trump was not my first choice but I certainly did not want Hillary Rodham Clinton in the White House again-the Obama family was pretty cool in the beginning before they started deciding to evolve into a dictatorship of the Western world and a country that was once uber powerful & more or less everybody’s sibling that you want to have when you get into a crisis. I read a lot of things every day whether I report on them or not is really dependent on my mood if I want to delve into the political drama pool or if I just want to sit on the poolside lounge and watch all the others. I’ve been watching other things besides the political bullshit and even that gives me the nuts feeling-when I say other thing, I mean regular television isn’t documentary television. Because somehow Hollywood and the people in charge of making dramatic comedies etc. I have fallen flat on their ass because too much political dictation has seeped into our nightly television shows and psychologically it’s not good because that’s essentially big brother trying to tell you what the fuck to do. Something I am not going to allow to affect me. So I’ve decided to step back from sharing a lot of the drama and the political in order to keep my sanity which is why there’s not as many updates and it’s mostly about my creativity or my canine. OK so I just got finished with dinner I have an early bird dinner-I just popped on Twitter to check things out and apparently there is chaos and Delaware and chaos in New York City and here’s what I think, if you believe in sharia law, You need to get your ass out of my country because this is America and we do not tolerate any form of terrorism because we will kick your fucking ass if you come to mess with us. That is why we have a president who will stand up and fight for our country. There was apparently a Muslim prayer meeting at a recent Delaware State address as in the state of Delaware. That is unacceptable so if Delaware wants to join New York City and California in the negative Nelly anti-American bullshit be my guest I don’t think that any location in my country should be permitted to be “run by Islam”. I don’t think the American people should be subjected to sharia law if you believe in sharia law, then you should go to a country that already has it don’t fucking bring it here. I’m tired of this bullshit I’m tired of the suburbs and of people. That is why I’m looking forward to the life in the country on the side of the mountain again someday.

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