#FunInTheSun #Philadelphia

#FunInTheSun #Philadelphia
So I think spring has finally sprung in the city of brotherly love and I am taking advantage of that warm 79° weather today. Earlier I was out here getting a little sun tan action going with my sweet little 11-year-old but now I’m out here just relaxing in the lounge. I have been staying away from political bullshit because it just upsets me and just in breaking news from Atlanta Journal Constitution we have a resignation from the governor of Alabama on the accusations that they covered up an affair. I will follow up this story as soon as more information comes available but I just wanted to check in because I’m sharing more on my blog pages then I am on my own website. I have been spending a boat load of time knitting lately I’ve been making mini blankets mostly I have other ideas for other projects and they will come to fruition one of these days because I’ve decided to put off ordering any more yarn until I stash down. Right now I only have one project going which is the chocolate mini blanket. Is a width of 130 stitches on a set of circular needles size 8 crystalites. I am thinking ahead to possibly making medium sized cotton dishtowels W/the large collection of Lily SugarNCream yarn I have some I have two balls some I have three balls it all depends. Enjoying the weather out here for another hour or so and then back inside to finish or work on the big old blanket. W/regard to my networking, I’m enjoying myself playing the field talking to various people and seeing what happens. It’s been so long since I’ve been in a relationship that I don’t know what I want anymore and there’s not going to be any negotiations when it comes to the next relationship it will be my way or no way and he will have to understand or he can kick rocks.

On another note it is a beautiful day and today is Easter Sunday. Sitting outside with my longtime buddy and taking advantage of the warm weather. I have been very active on social media deciding to just vent on Facebook etc. life is good and I am blessed. Decided to about the #EarthAndSky blanket and use the yarn for other purposes-also I ordered three pairs of needles yesterday because my bamboo size 8 decided to break also I ordered two more circular pairs in size 8 because I’m for seeing a lot of projects getting half assed in the way of completion because I swore that I would not buy another skein of yarn until I have everything knitted. The reason I gave up on the #EarthAndSky blanket is because I was frustrated with it and I knew I could use the yarn for other projects that are necessary at the moment. My best friend got a new collar the other day-it is a beautiful black with diamonds, every girl deserves diamonds.

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