#POTUS #ProtectingCivilization

OK so it’s another beautiful day in Philadelphia and around the Mid-East section of the United States of America because of many things. First of all I am very very happy to know that another thug/Cold-blooded killer is off the streets and off mother earth. This morning around 1130-1145, #TheFacebookKiller was spotted and he engaged the Erie Police Department in a short high-speed chase instead of giving up peacefully this man decided to end his life. Innoway I am glad he’s gone because we don’t have to pay for his room and board for the rest of his natural life. In another sense I’m very disappointed that he took his own life because now the investigators and the family of Mr. Robert Godwin will never know what what’s behind that brutal killing of the Cincinnati resident who was well loved and well respected. Anyway I have spent most of my day knitting and enjoying my coffee with my daughter. I’ve also been engaged in some grappling with certain people and it’s getting rather annoying that it seems that I am the only one in a group who is not allowed to express how I feel. Lately I’ve been getting ridiculed because I say things as they are I don’t mince words I don’t hide the truth I come out with it and there apparently some people who cannot stand it. I am not in anyway sorry about saying how I feel. Now with regard to “the Facebook Killer ” I’m certain that the story is far from over but I’m completely satisfied with the fact that our nation is no longer looking over it’s shoulder for the creep. Aside from the creep, I am very troubled by the number of muslim in my country. Apparently there is 45% Muslim in the town of Dearborn Michigan. That is unacceptable. Also unacceptable is the fact that there had been video circulating around where there is public prayer for the Muslim. I am not racist I am not prejudiced but I do have a strong strong in tolerance for people who do harm to others. I recently got into a confrontation in a group and I am no longer part of because I spoke my mind of how I felt about the Facebook killer. I have very specific sources that I follow I do not follow the crazy mainstream media who make up certain stories. It’s disturbing to see how there is craziness going on in this world and there are liberal “leaders” who believe it’s acceptable which it is not. It is something that needs to be squashed-I believe that any state that harbors these fugitives needs to have their federal funds polled. There are things going on in the state of California that disgust me. It is disturbing how the “celebrities” of Hollywood think that Mr. Trump Mr. president Donald John Trump is evil-evil is what Mr. Obama has done to my country. When I say my country-how many people in the nation can say that their ancestor signed the Declaration of Independence? I know that not everybody is going to agree with me or think I am sane but in my family we are all a little crazy I think crazy good crazy bad I do not know nor do I care. I love my family I love my friends. But you better believe that I’m gonna be honest when it comes to my opinions about my country. If I could say anything to President Trump, I would say thank you for having a backbone to stand up for the country that we all love or most of us love. I would thank him for putting into action his words his promises of defending the nation and protecting the people. The people that are born here that have legally become part of this country. To the people who are here illegally and people here who don’t think it’s important to make their residency documented, do you I say you either become legitimate or you were trying to wherever the fuck you came from. Do these crazy Muslims who think they’re going to invade and overtake the good law-abiding citizens and our wonderful warriors-I dare you to even try to go up against the United States military because we have affectively wiped your ass on the floor several times already and we’re not gonna stop until the safety security and serenity of the civilized world is put back where it belongs.

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