OK so I’ve been thinking the past couple days and I’ve been watching the news via Twitter of course I am still upset with the left. I’m disturbed by a whole bunch of things happening in this world-it’s not just the crap happening overseas with our probable enemies but it’s things that are happening here on my homeland. it’s very disturbing to see what’s going on whether it be local to the East Coast or far off on the West Coast-there are many many people who do not like our current president and I am not sorry about liking our current president. We now have a man in the White House who is not afraid. He is not afraid to defend this great nation and to make America safe again-despite the negative bullshit being said by mainstream media I believe the Donald John Trump will succeed in his mission to bring back the sanity and the community that once was United States of America. We still are the United States of America, but we are divided thanks to Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton and all the rather cronies who want to see America fall to her knees and collapse. They want to see this country at the lowest level possible. I do not want that and until my dying day I will be defending this country even if it is just with my words with my thoughts with my prayers-I will stand up for this country because my eighth generation grandfather signed the declaration of independence along with the 55 other man who wanted a free and independent nation that was not under the control of Britain or anybody else for that matter. My eighth generation grandfather and his friends would hate to see what is happening to this country. I the reason I don’t share as much News anymore is because it’s alienating me-I am working on the premises of sharing my thoughts about what I read. And those I trust in the media are very few. So I leave you with this for today at least right now: be careful in what you read and think about the source before you go running down the street thinking it’s true-there’s a lot of miss information out there and not everything is the God honest truth.
So with that I leave you until my next outburst of frustration. I will be knitting I will be posting my updates and I will be tweeting my mini thoughts.

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