Irish Soft Day

Irish Soft Day
So it’s one of those days when it’s kinda warm but still soggy and I’m not going to complain very much about it bcz it’s the type of day that my dad would have loved. Anyway I have a few things to vent about. First of all I am a little bit perplexed W/regard to #TeenMomOG stories about both Amber and Jenelle because one is a shocker and the other is somewhat old news and honestly w/Jenelle -I think it’s time that she get full custody of her eldest son because she is the mother and she’s in a responsible place and a young boy like Jace needs to have a constant relationship with his mother not his grandmother-kudos to Barbara for taking care of him while Jenelle was bouncing around from situation to situation but hopefully she is in a safe and healthy relationship w/David. And with regard to Amber-rumors are swirling as they always do but this time there about a vivid porn contract. And I don’t know why she would be surprised that her Fanbase would be shocked and dismayed-I know she’s an adult she’s a mother she can do what she wants but is that really the image that you want? Following in Farrah’s footsteps?they really need to think about the negative impact out afterwards or Fanbase even though Matt doesn’t have that many fans because we all dislike him. Anyway this sunshine right now is a beautiful site because the forecast is pretty gloomy for the next couple days and I’m not happy about it-rain rain go away. I’m still absolutely disgusted with the left-wing-the Democrats-all of the “lawmakers” who are refuse to obey the president. Any being that stands in the way of POTUS should be reprimanded bcz it’s clear that they are against civilization as we once knew it. For this country to move forward and remain civilized we really need to eradicate corruption and lunatic liberalism.
Another week has passed and same old shit happening, another episode of #TeenMomOG, Another episode where I’m completely baffled at why Matt and Amber are still together-I do not like him I’m not afraid to say it because he is a bum at least he makes himself appear that way. In other news, my social life has been on a roller coaster which I don’t care about because anything is better than nothing-I am not going to comment specifically on what’s happening because there’s something surprisingly I want to keep private. But maybe one day I will divulge what’s going on but I will say this ,I’m back on my social networks and letting the chips fall where they may.

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