June & Life W/ A Chihuahua Puppy

June & Life W/ A Chihuahua Puppy
OK so I haven’t written in a very long time because I’ve been very busy lately with life and considering, I have been too exhausted for staying up late to do what I do on a regular basis. I have been traveling and added a new furbaby to my household. Finally got my chihuahua and couldn’t be anymore happy. Traveling in the early days of the month was awesomeness because of the cousins. Love them and despite not getting to see them as much as I’d like. I’m happy to be living where I’m living with a few drawbacks. About my baby chihuahua, she’s exactly what my mom and I needed to complete the family. I’ve been crazily busy ordering stuff for her from eBay and Amazon. There’s nothing sweeter than having a new baby in the house whether it’s a human or a furperson. I fell in love at first sight with my Lulu Rose. She’s a carbon copy of my late Sionbell just in a smaller package. Whoever says that the chihuahua is a negative little ankle biter has not trained them enough to be a civilized family member. So aside from my traveling and becoming a new mom, I have been keeping track of all the bullshit happening all over the world especially in our country. I’m disgusted with the democrats as usual and annoyed by the media. So once the stores began to open for the day, I was able to purchase a big girl harness for Lulu at my favorite store. FYI, the new bitch drink of choice from Starbucks is any size #ToastedCoconutColdBrew. Unfortunately W/regard to the #BillCosby sexual assault-misconduct trial/case has been declared a mistrial because the jury could not agree on anything verdict Wise but thankfully the prosecutor has vowed to retry. I know that Mr. Cosby is getting older but that is no excuse for getting away with sexual misconduct. Anyway my weekend is going to be staged at home for the most part where I will spend many hours with my sweet pups and in my knitting studio with my television on racing. So many cute things are available in the way of paw print jewelry and signage and I wish o could have unlimited moneys to get one of everything. So enough of my babbling, I’m going to sign off.

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