So I’ve been thinking lately about the fact that I have not written very much in my blog-I’m not neglecting it because there’s not things on my mind, I’m neglecting it because the same thoughts are on my mind and I don’t want to bore the people if I still have any readers. I am definitely enjoying my summer and I’m definitely enjoying having two babies again-I would love to expand the family but the boss says no. I got my nails done the other day in Berwyn, LAN’s Nails , I’ve been going to this place forever and I have had two nail infections/Ingrown nails and name and pretty aside from being painful they’re annoying. Some days I wish summer could last forever but sans the humidity because it’s a bitch. Anyway I have been spending time and money on and with my chihuahua and dachshund. Life is good and we’re enjoying it just relaxing with each other. Wish we could do more traveling because it’s enjoying to see this big beautiful country every now and then. Places I’d love to visit but I have not gone in person. Maybe just on Periscope or Facebook. Places from my past I’d love to gonna back but if it wasn’t as annoying to travel. I’m still annoyed with mainstream media and other crap so I’m thinking that it’s time to go into my cave and ignore the drama.
Anyway since I wrote the beginning of this blog I’ve been through more adventure and I’m going to be getting a few books in the near future-you don’t want to spend the extra money right now.-I am finding some of the ladies of #TeenMom still inspirational and I way they handle things, I’m finding that #RandySpelling is continuing to be an inspiration to me-just hearing him speak on social media whether it be Instagram or Facebook etc. I definitely get a lot from his speeches and his interaction with his Fanbase. In other news I’m looking forward to receiving my size for knitting needles-I have enjoyed making all kinds of things lately I have not shipped anything anywhere though I need to-I also need to work on scarves for our military still but will get that done. My time has been sucked up by my 5 1/2 month old which isn’t a bad thing at all. In the recent few hours I have shared more interesting articles-with regard to Rob Kardashian and his baby mama drama-I am on Rob’s side-only because he and #Caitlyn are my two favorite people in that family regardless of the drama people may assume with that family Rob and Cait are the least dramatic. W/my neighbor moving, I’ve been very busy helping where I can. This evening I’m going to work on more celebrity related article sharing just because I’m annoyed with politics at the moment. God bless our warriors and our country. Thank you all for reading

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