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Chris Cornell’s Death, Police Release Hotel Room Photos

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-I looked at the photos, I think 27,28 and 29 should not have been released they are very graphic-yes the public has the right to Livity is but certain images should not have been included in the collection.
Chris Cornell’s Death, Police Release Hotel Room Photos

When police entered Chris Cornell‘s Detroit hotel room they found his belongings, his prescriptions … and the exercise apparatus he used to commit suicide.

Detroit PD just released the photos they took of the room during their investigation, and they revealed the bathroom scene where Chris died. The exercise band he rigged on the bathroom door was on the floor, surrounded by a streak of blood.

There were 3 prescription bottles — prednisone (anti-inflammatory), omeprazole (antacid) and lorazepam (anti-anxiety).

In the room itself … one of Chris’s guitars was on a chair, and his iconic shades were on the unmade bed.

The Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled Cornell’s death a suicide by hanging. Download the TMZ app for iPhone

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