Justa Rant About Reality

Justa Rant About Reality
So recently I have been sharing articles having to do with reality television and honestly that’s primarily all I watch,documentaries- some of these shows are craycray. Even some stuff I watched on MTV, drive me bananas now. I don’t remember when the last time I tuned into The Real World but it’s now 25 years old. A few years younger than my all time favorite Reality CopsTV. Sitting here with my furkids on this Friday evening

A few days later, it’s as if we are in the islands with the weather as it is. I love this but hate it at the same time because I kinda wish I was back on the rock in person & not just loving through it virtually on Facebook. I ordered my island coffee and the last two days of coffee have been amazing. I have not been knitting and posting tons of pictures on Instagram. Not only have I been posting photos of knitting but also my beautiful furbabies. Right now I’m coming to ya from Newark Delaware and the Christiana Mall. Yes I’m a happy camper even though I do miss the family who’ve crossed over the bridge before. I’m thinking about this evening and probably doing some more knitting. Also sharing some more articles from my feeds and email.

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