Dog Days Of Summer

-dog days of summer- so I have not written in a while, partly because I’m annoyed as hell with all the noise in the news-you cannot trust mainstream media, there are some days you do not even want to open up your Facebook or your Twitter feeds to see what’s going on in the world. And that’s where I am sitting right now. I have not had any interest in showing any political bullshit because it’s all repetitive. I have been keeping track of things and I will admit that there are somethings Mr. Donald Trump has done or has allowed that don’t make me very happy. The only reason I voted for Mr. Trump, I do not want Hillary Clinton as my commander in chief. I have had some very interesting social interactions-The other day I posted something about John Michael Montgomery and lo and behold he actually responded-now if I remember correctly, it was his music, They got me interested in country music when I was 19-years old. If only I had the metabolism of when I was 19 I would be very much happier than I am right now. I would love to figure out a way to lose 40 pounds and keep those pounds off if I could do anything in the process of rewinding life which I know I can’t do-I regret gaining weight but I don’t know how it happened exactly there are a lot of things I wish I could redo over the past 10 years. As I stare down paternal to 40-I don’t know where life is going to go particularly but I’m along for the ride-no I’m not upset no I’m not depressed but I’m in a rut and I don’t know when I’m gonna get out of it. Though I do look forward to spending time knitting and puppy cuddling -I feel like all I do is puppy cuddle. Sometimes I wish I had more adventure in life and I was more active in the real world outside of my bubble because I would have a better social life. But I know that no one but myself can change my future my path so I’m going to set goals for myself hopefully I can get there not drastic changes but just changes to make me feel better.
Since I dictated the first half of this entry things are going in the positive direction and I have been drifting away from the stresses and only focusing on the positive life-I have not really been tuning in very much to the politics and bullshit I just focusing on what I want to focus in on. I’m not going to comment on my social life very much but I’m currently happy-I have great friends great family and that’s all that matters. Currently sitting here with a cuppa coffee and my kids I’ve been I’ve decided that I’m going to start knitting scarves again got to use up some yarn. Because yes indeed someday I do want to buy new product. My projects will be alternating between coasters and scarves. The NASCAR race made me frustrated because my drivers were not having a great day and despite that, I still love them dearly.

And it’s mid August-haven’t been able to sit down and write lately but life has been a roller coaster ever since I started this and should be back on July 28- The day I started this blog entry, a former friend and I engaged in what I thought would be a long lasting relationship and it turned out to be chaos-this gentleman and I’m putting it nicely-is in his early 40s lives in Tennessee and said that he loved me and would move up to my area by October after 11 days. the relationship went down the tubes because I’d had enough of the sporadic behavior-my family found some things out on Facebook that I knew about but I was not as concerned about right then. After not hearing from him for several hours I decided I’m bowing out of this – anyway me and relationships no matter what there don’t seem to be productive so I guess I’m better on the sidelines with the furkids but someday it would be nice to find somebody that I can have some sort of relationship with.-

I understand partly WTF is going on with our civil war monuments-do some people they are offensive to other people they mean something important-to some people, The civil war monuments represent hatred and slavery. I understand that but at the same time I am upset because removing is civil war monuments is erasing history. Erasing history is something that I really really really don’t like, I do not like the violence I do not like the homegrown terrorism-I cannot stand the violence and negativity going on between the left and the right etc. The politics is driving me crazy I cannot even look at my own Facebook feeds because of the bullshit. W/all of the protesting & civil unrest is most disturbing because there is nothing that is good coming out of this drama. Instead of America coming together America it’s falling apart and being further divided by this hatred. W/regards to politics and craziness-MTV, they have alienated me W/some of their employees tweeting politics. Very annoying because I cannot get over the producers of certain shows that I used to love tweeting the political opinions and also I understand that there is editing involved in making television but to leave out certain things or tweak certain things to make it look worse than it is –


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