The past few days have been difficult for a lot of people including me because even though I am not in working zone I have acquaintances in the areas that were affected. There has been utter chaos destruction and loss of life. Most of the United States Virgin Islands destroyed including the home of country artist Kenneth Arnold Chesney. I am blessed to have the knowledge that my former “childhood home” the place where I grew up and part time for 26 years made it through the hurricane with only minor damage. I am actually doing something that I don’t normally do which is watch news as in my News on the television. It is absolutely amazing to see the footage. I pray for the families that have lost everything I pray for those who have lost their lives. I’ve been keeping myself busy with watching the news and also knitting mini blankets in some of my yarn stash colors. I actually had to make a special order to obtain more of a particular colorways so I could finish the projects. Purchasing some of the yarn cakes made me realize that I cannot just purchased yarn at the drop of a hat because I will spend too much money so I have decided that I am only going to purchase when I am working on a project and I need more color. Now for some bad news as if there was not enough, the other day country music lost a great man. Even though I never spoke about it very much and I don’t have A flag waving out my front door, I am a fan of Montgomery Gentry. I was literally stunned it felt like I was kicked in the gut when I heard that Troy was killed in a helicopter crash in Medford New Jersey #FlyingWAirportResort. I’ve been following all the news I have been keeping tabs on their social media. I am concerned about Eddie because he has not surfaced yet but I can probably guarantee that he’s just laying low for the time being since everybody grieves differently and this accident came out of left field nobody expected it-unlike the hurricanes nobody can predict any type of flight collision. Troy, you are missed you are loved and your music will live on. W/regard to music I have been in an anti country music bubble unless it is someone from my favorite list. Those being Kenny Chesney, Eric Church and obviously Montgomery Gentry/John Michael Montgomery-I’ve been listening to the radio via the Amazon echo and I’ve been listening the #TheRiver953 which is a station in Warren County Virginia. If I am not sharing an article I am knitting or spending time with my two kids who I love more than anything in the world. Each of them are sleeping beside me. I have not been sharing many articles because I am sick and tired of the bullshit drama. I am tired of the fake America which is everybody bickering and screaming and killing etc. the real America is what happens when a natural disaster strikes and people come out and help each other regardless of the color of their skin the religion or their political affiliation. I’m going to end this and God bless America and God bless every single person who has been killed in these hurricanes also one of the best in country music-Troy Lee Gentry


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