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#HurricaneHell-p2 / #NFLBoycottNBA

#HurricanHell & #NFLBoycottNBA
OK so I’ve held my tongue long enough. I’m angry-I have been angry, I have been so annoyed by many things in this world-the people who are degrading our president who are belittling his ability. I am tired of every Tom Dick and Harry complaining here in there instead of complaining put your money where your mouth is and do something about the situations in our country. If you have money and donate to any hurricane relief effort. If you have skills offer them to the islands. But I’m very upset with celebrity because they need to be putting money where their mouth this. They need to be donating to causes instead of shooting off their mouth. I’m tired of hearing celebrity after celebrity badmouth Mr. president if you live in this country and you are here legally and he is your president get over your panties in a bunch about #He’sNotMyPresident-Because yes he is-I don’t know if y’all know that Mrs. Clinton, said that if she was president we would not have the second amendment-that is disgraceful she is disgraceful and she’s a sad sad excuse for a human being. I would like to see more celebrities step up I would like to see more celebrities step up and do something. I know that it takes the governments to get certain things done but just like the Cajun Navy in Texas etc. we should have a Caribbean Navy we need to have civilians who are willing and able to go and help restore Puerto Rico and the US Virgin islands. There are at least 3 million Americans on the territories. Now with regard to the NFL and the NBA, I don’t watch those sports very much anyhow butI watch enough news these days to know that they’re making an ass of themselves if you cannot respect this country then why are you here. If you cannot stand by the American flag the national anthem and our country why the fuck are you in this country. If you don’t like it go somewhere else same goes for you Muslim assholes who want to change everything about what my country was built on. I don’t like seeing Muslim people trying to change the lights in America this is America we are a free country we are built on freedom is liberty and justice for all. We do not need asshole people coming into Mike Andre and tearing it down and turning it in the war lands. I think I’ve given you enough to Chuan now I’m going to go over to the other part of my world and share articles.


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