Emotional RollerCoaster

Oh my God over the past few days more like weeks or so it seems, my emotions have gone all over the map. W/my dachshund being ill and other things I’ve been dealing with life has been crazy. I always end up landing on my feet but that doesn’t mean that I don’t get shaken up now & then. I’ve been very busy with my life which is why I’m not posting as often. It’s not like I’m not reading what’s happening in the world- I know things that are happening- I’m choosing to ignore some articles because it’s just too stressful for me. If you’ve been following the events regarding my canine kid, you’ll know that she’s been having some health issues. Thankfully the situation was ruled to be a pulled muscle w/nothing else wrong, in fact she’s got the blood work of a two year old. With my knitting, I feel like I’m always knitting a gift- don’t mind any of that though someday I wanna actually complete a project for myself. So until further notice, my projects are probably going to be stashed away for giftys or donations. I’ve thought about selling but it’s not something that I formally wanna get into. By the way my weekly walk to town was exhausting but I’m happy with my progress. Got 5 miles in today so sleep will be appreciated tonight.

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