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EOY 2017


So we’ve had a very busy few days filled with several crazy events like fire and ice. Christmas was spent with the police and fire departments because we had yet another transformer blaze. We were very thankful for the power company too since they were also working over time on a holiday. Holidays are just another day where Crime,Tragedy & chaos is concerned. The transformer fire definitely gave a different meaning to the words “coffee with a cop”-What seem like all day was probably 6 to 7 hours. Nice to have somebody other than family to talk to but I know it’s probably boring as all hell looking at my house all day. Today is Cold and snowy and whether I do not like. I preferred to be above 60° preferably and yesterday it was definitely not no matter if you were inside or outside. We had a furnace break down so I had to deal with a chilled Chihuahua and a grumpy dachshund. I had to wear a coat inside for at least five hours out of the 6 to 7 we had no power. Now when it comes to this weather I don’t know anyone who would want to be out in this chill I feel bad for the department of public works in every Flippin town right now because they’re having to deal with this unseasonably cold bitter dangerous weather. I know lately that I have not been sharing articles that’s because there’s so much drama and gossip and bullshit that I don’t want to pass that on because it’s just nauseating between the Kardashian’s and the government and the other crap not to say I don’t like my government but there’s so much shit going on around our government that annoys me to The point where I could get sick to my stomach. I’m not gonna put that on my blog for y’all to read over and over again. When I find something that is not nauseating continuous gossipy drama I will post again. I’m even following the sappy #TeenMomFranchise crazy stories. There’s so much drama surrounding #TeenMomOG/#TeenMom2-. There’s a few couples that are not making me crazy with their sappy spotlight desires. I have always liked Maci,Chelsea & Briana. I do like Kailyn also Amber. The remainder of the bunch is just bat shit crazy, Drama seeking crazy people and I don’t like drama as much as some people think Scorpios like drama we really don’t, Drama seeking crazy people and I don’t like drama as much as some people think Scorpios like drama we really don’t. Anyway I’m sharing things from Pinterest,Reddit & Google+ to the blog as well. My google + name is Liz Stone & my Reddit is LizStone1776



In my blog you will find an assortment of thoughts, stories + news. Occasionally there's photos of events or Knitting projects etc I also do promotions/reviews of things I really like.

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