My Thoughts From Recent Days

I have been thinking about this post for a few hours maybe a few days, Many things are on my nerves much of it is what’s happening with our country-how we have a president who is trying to protect our country and our people when we have many governors who are trying to disrupt the way of life in America. They are trying to integrate more “illegal aliens” because they think it is going to make America more diverse. We know that America is the melting pot America was a country or is a country in fact that was based on immigrants but I can guarantee you that our forefathers do not intend or did not intend for our country to be mixed with citizens, legal citizens and illegal people illegal immigrants-these illegal immigrants make me very very very upset because there are many who want to destroy the country that I live in, I was born in but I was raised in. The state of New Jersey now has a governor who wants to create an entire cabinet or agency that will protect illegal immigrants. We also have the “country of California” allowing much more than that I’ll kinds of crazy shit and destroying what my country was built on hence why I call it “the country of California” because I do not understand why it is still part of the nation/The union if they want to play by different rules than they deserve to be kicked out of the union. Now over the past several weeks/months I have been getting Encouragements to join something which reportedly would help me with self-help self growth but in my mind and The way I feel about my outlook on life, I do not know if a program like what I’m being encouraged to participate in would indeed help me. I know that I have issues I know that there are things that I’m stuck on but to me being stuck on certain things certain ways of life is keeping certain parts of my life alive. My relationship history is not very deep is not very versed but the relationships Romantic or otherwise that I’ve hadHave taught me certain things. I have grown from experiences I’ve been through and I find that getting through things on my own and at my own pace is the best for me. I like to make my own path find my own way. I know I have guardian angels looking out for me. On another note today I was at the mall getting my exercise and socialization-I was browsing in a store taking my time looking at everything and the manager of said store was on the phone with her mother discussing the FBI immigration raids etc.-I don’t know if she was speaking about mall employees or just things that she’s heard in the mall but regardless I find it very inappropriate to add a private discussion such is that one in a very public situation where other people can overhear what you are discussing. It is inappropriate for her to be nervous about my presence in the store while she was having this conversation which was very inappropriate. I have other friends/social connections in the mall and we shoot the shit every once a while but there is no shit hitting the fan in our conversations Like the gossip I heard today. Another thing that bothered me this week was the fact that a vendor I purchased from for many years sold me a product that they did not have in inventory-Honestly I don’t think I would’ve gotten my refund if I would not have sent an email-to date I got $50 worth of refunds from this company because one of them was a canceled order and the other was this inventory glitch. Now I want to get the acrylic interchangeable circular needles And I also want to get the bamboo interchangeable circular needles but I’ve looked all over the Internet and white now the only place that I can find the acrylic interchangeable circular needles is on Amazon and I heard something today or yesterday about the cofounder of Amazon planning on donating a large sum of money to scholarships for DACA. And I don’t want to feed into that I don’t want to give my money to a company that is going to donate it for scholarships intended for illegal aliens illegal immigrants people who want to come to my country and live off the government off of what I pay taxes on. Something else that came to my attention this afternoon when I got home was a break up of a #TeenMom couple, While I am disappointed or upset or saddened for the couple that are no longer. They were controversial couple anyway and it just seem like more drama than it was worth makes me wonder why they were together. While I’m on the subject of #TeenMom, I’ve seen for a while I whole shit load of drama involving MTV and some of their personalities where MTV is editing things to make it look one way or another definite different from what reality is. Anyway I think I’ve said enough for now, I’m going to go enjoy my beer and knit. God bless America God bless the citizens of America and our president along with all of the authorities that I have a brain. Good night and God bless.


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