February & Football Etc

#FFE, So I was very busy yesterday did a little road trippin Up to Bucks County and got a little bit of an attitude sanity readjustment. Definitely much-needed after several weeks of high anxiety which I haven’t figured out what happened. Today was fabulous also because I got a scarf done and another one started. Something crazy been happening with Snapchat filters – there were two different times I took pictures today #SelfieTime and both times with different filters I had a ghost in the picture with me. After yesterday I completely felt comfortable with that as I would any time but I just think it’s very interesting how we just came home from the cemetery yesterday and today I have ghosts in my Snapchat‘s. I love my guardian angels for certain. I also kind of revived my MySpace-even know I had to put a link on my homepage/home screen, I’m still able to access the MySpace situation from my phone and I still have that #19 problem which appears to happen from the mobile app or the mobile web but not from the website on the computer. Speaking of computer apparently #MeetMe has decided to block my ISP on my computer don’t tell me why I know I don’t really care too much but It’s worth noting. So with that said I am going to log off and continue watching live PD and knitting my meadow stripes scarf. Good night and God bless.


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