#SuggestedLetters,Update: Ideas

So several weeks ago I was given the suggestion of writing letters to my departed loved ones, I’m going to do that but I’m also going to write a letter to my biological “father“ who has not been in my life since I was 18, or who I have not seen for as many years. I am currently 40 years old-I have not had a relationship with him since I was 16/18 is when I change my name legally to my stepdad‘s name. That being said I only spent 18 years under my birth name or birth surname. And life has been pretty fucking amazing since I changed my name. The reason why am going to write the letter about him or toward him etc. is basically because I think it will help me get over certain things that I have struggled with over the years. I would outline certain things in the letter and hopefully God willing it will help me put those in the compartment better. Anyway my day has been OK, I got word this morning that my dog lost her half brother to a heart attack. Unexpectedly passed away last night. At the age of 11-God rest his soul and making a run free at the rainbow bridge with his mama and may they watch over us and their family. I will update you guys later but I will be working on the letters just not publishing them until they are all completed.


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