#PastFewDays so I’ve been thinking over the past few days & there’s a ton on my mind because of many recent events. I was going to write another chapter of my horrible valentines debacle- I chose to wait because I don’t wanna seem like I’m a whiny little bitch. Whiny little bitches aren’t attractive, but neither is my brain or body when I’ve got anxiety or anything else that makes my blood boil. Boiling blood for me is just being uncomfortable in general… There’s articles I’ve shared lately that I’d really love to put my 2 cents in on…. #TeenMomFranchise, drives me crazy anymore because there’s too much damn drama happening between the cast. I still love 2 outta 4 of the Original Girls and 2 of the TM2 girls. Amber, Maci, Chelsea & Leah. Also Kailyn, sometimes Amber. I’m following everyone but Farrah & Briana…. Do I think the franchise has run it’s course- Absolutely but I think it’s one thing keeping #MTV alive. I’m getting pissed off w/ the left being extreme sasholes too, they are blaming Mr President too much over shit that’s not his fault- The dems are douche bags & they wanna destroy the country that my 8th generation grandfather & friends who signed the declaration of independence…. My pretty country is under attack and i’m not happy….. anyhow, i’m going to forward more articles of interest either tonight or tomorrow….


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