Frosted Tips & Riley

So I haven’t written in a while because I’ve been somewhat busy with life, life throws you curve balls that you don’t expect sometimes and in the midst of that I forget about writing my blogs and emptying my mind and making myself better. 99% of the time I am a very happy person regardless if I have a partner or not. I will past few weeks I’ve been thinking about the partner situation & even though I would love to find somebody who could be my partner to life I don’t know if that’s going to happen for longer than a week. The month of February was up-and-down relationship wise but I swear to God March will be calmer. Regardless if I have a “boyfriend“ or not because honestly my sanity is more important than any relationship. I am currently knitting three projects, A rug and two scarves. The rug is for myself I think but the scarves or not. I have a growing stash of scarves downstairs that are going to be donated. Now the title of this is from a scope or Instagram from my friend Bonnie it is a reference to Mr. Trump because she said at least he doesn’t have frosting tips, even though we as the worst spray tan ever. There are things I like about Mr. Trump but there are things I do not like about Mr. Trump and even though I voted for him as president, I voted on the campaign I didn’t vote on the person. The person in the White House is better than Mrs. Clinton for damn certain. But the problem we have is that the left is way too fucking far left and the he shit that happened in the Clinton era is now manifesting itself again because there’s crap that happened in this country with regard to terrorism etc. We have issues in this country and many of those issues started W/the Clinton era with Bill in the White House and Hillary as the first lady. I cannot stand Hillary or Bill and it makes me absolutely sick to my stomach to see what’s happening in my country because Mr. Clinton Mrs. Clinton Mr. & Mrs. Obama have pretty much neutered my country and my country being neutered is not a good thing we used to be this wonderful superpower where everything was made in the USA was made by Americans etc. and now I feel like everything we have in this country for the most part is made in another fucking country. What happened to #MadeInAmerica, #MadeByAmericans?-it bothers me to no end. Here is the part about Riley, Riley is the super storm wind storm rain storm snowstorm they came in the first few days in March and has taken some lives across the north east which totally sucks ass. It’s gonna take a few days or a few weeks to fix the damage but the people we lost in the storm will never be back so my heart breaks for the people who’ve lost love ones. I’m also thinking about frosted tips, with regard to make up I have dove to the situation now that I found make up brands that are cruelty free and hypoallergenic- so many different products out there that are available to me. When I look back at the last 10 to 15 years sometimes I wish I could undo some things that happened or do them differently. I definitely thought I would be in a different place than I am now. Granted I do have my Chihuahua, and my beautiful senior dachshund- I only have one dachshund and Both my dad and my Nana are no longer and that really really affected me because sometimes I really want to talk to them I really need and want dad’s advice on somethings. Yes I know he and Nana are watching over me and see every single fucking thing I do which is a blessing but there are times where I just want to pick up the phone or go upstairs and talk and I can’t do that anymore. I guess being in the social networks in Quakertown etc. help me stay grounded because it brings back memories and sustains the past life I loved/lived when I had a full family. So I’m going to sit and think about life in general because I could probably have everything I want I just have to strategize on how to get it all.


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