RollerCoasters & SugarCookies

OMG, I have been holding off with this post because I’ve been trying to put it together in my head first. Life has been a little crazy but as always I find myself landing on my feet. Relationships come and go and even if you think you found Mr. perfect, he is definitely not perfect there is no prince charming. I have been in numerous flirtationships over the years I’ve had few relationships because it takes a lot to find someone who accepts me for who I am. I am no angel but I’m not the devil either. I have my faults I have my issues.But I am learning that if it is something or someone who is giving me anxiety or stress then I delete them from my life regardless of the relationship. I have done it to family I have done it to former friends. if I don’t talk to you for one reason or another then you are anxiety and or stress. I do not need that my life I deserve someone and something that makes me happy. Men, where do I begin, Y’all can be a fucking pain in the ass and yet you think women are or can be crazy little bitches. We get crazy because your treat us like bull. We deserve to be treated like princesses and queens. My next relationship is going to be on the down low as I like it becauseThen what happens is not going to be broadcast all over the place. I won’t tell anybody anything and less it’s necessary and that something I’ve started to do in 2018 also late 2017. With regard to winter it’s self I don’t like it I’m getting tired of these fucking nor’easter’s. We have had enough snow we would like some spring temperatures full-time. Something new to me within the past couple weeks is the world of beauty and make up. I’ve been on a binge buy Of four different brands of make up, #Mally,NYX, #Tarte & #TooFaced I have gotten different products from each brand mostly eyeshadow and lip color. It’s taken some learning to understand what works with what and that you can mix and match different brands. I am also expanding Nail color favorites, are usually go for the dark Gothic colors but lately I’ve been doing pinks and reds because they brighten my mood. My mood my feelings my happiness level and that’s all very very important to me. My “addiction to make up” began when I had raccoon circles under my eyes & I happen to be shopping in one of our famed shopping centers-went into Ulta Beauty & used a little bit of neutral color to cover up the circles also put a little color on my eyelids. Felt much better about myself and realized maybe a little make up would be a good thing in my life even though I love Snapchat I’m beginning to realize that I need Snapchat filters in real life. So with regard to the last relationship I have decided to kick him out he does not know it yet and he’s not gonna know it and less he checks his messages. I deserve someone that is going to be there when I need them and not tell me to “Relax I’m fine etc.“ the etc was because there’s always something that he was doing always busy always this always that and had very little time to sleep and socialize. What the fuck? Do you think you’re going to be in my life full-time and barely talk to me, I don’t think so bye-bye Mr. Anyway I am single I am happy I making my own happiness. I am not writing as much as I used to because I feel like I was very repetitive in frequent postings-I am sharing random stuff because I don’t want to absorb too much into one topic because if I absorb too much in one topic I will become obsessed in following it. With regard to politics and public life and when I say public life I mean working for or working in public service. After the whole tilting tree experience then I decided I am going to keep my “undercover life“ of if I “see something say something“. I do not want to put myself in a dangerous situation unnecessarily. I like helping the police helping different officials but I don’t want to be walking around with a target on my back. Anyway for today I am spending with my two kids and knitting. Knitting a lot lately and have ordered two different colors within the past couple weeks which is usually a lot more that I order in yarn but I’ve been spending money on make up. Sometimes people say oh no you’re too pretty you don’t need make up-but when you live in the body and you see this mug every day you will definitely agree I need some make up of some sort. But knitting several scarves and piling them up for charity at some point. I have realized again how good #CrystalPalace knitting needles are and I will probably get some more with in the next coming months because I just ordered two pairs of circulars in the size 9, a pair of 26 and a pair of 35-I kind of feel like I need the next size up with this particular project I am working. I don’t know though I may Taylor the project to the size needle/Wire I have. My favorite yarns are from two different companies but I’m learning it all depends on the texture of the yarn what works better with what needle etc. etc. and who knits up faster than the other. And so I am finally badly just to hear myself talk-I do auto dictate these. So I’m logging off and I will talk to you another time. Definitely will be sharing articles from gossip magazines etc. news articles what have you. #Thank youForReading


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