Winter storms/life W/the chaos

OK so I haven’t written in a few days but I have been sharing articles from various different locations. I have been very busy with life socially and otherwise-I am single as of the Beginning of this month because another one of my flirtationship’s went in the trashcan. Somehow I think that my track record of those or lack of success with those is because a higher power is telling me that my choice is not the right one for the long term. That’s OK with me I will find one who is willing and able to stick it out for better or worse. I have been working on my knitting I have been spending way too much money on cosmetics but I think of it as if I am happy if I am making myself happy it is all worth it in the end. Now I sometimes feel like I need a sugar daddy to supply the funding but I am not that type of woman. With all the storms happening I’ve been doing a lot of shopping online. Some of which is good for the budget because I can find things at a significant discount but I’m also going a little stir crazy looking at the same walls and all this damn snow. This is the fourth super storm but the seasons have changed, it is now spring. Another big change in my life is that AT&T has been an asshole and made me change my phone number of over 12+ years. I am very fortunate that I am not in business like I thought I was going to be and I don’t have to give every Tom Dick and Harry my phone number. I have given my number via text message to those I want-otherwise my number is now private if you want to contact me you must have Kik, Skype or Snapchat. Or those who are lucky enough to be friends with me on Facebook. Anyway today is knitting and coffee day with the kids who are napping on my extra bedding because all their bedding had to be washed recently. So next month my focus is going to be on saving money and figuring out who belongs in my life and who does not because I am finished with the drama and the crazy and bullshit come April fools day I will be cleaning house.


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