#LifeAndEducation#, Dear Lord, I have mixed feelings today about many different things some of which are probably ridiculous and don’t need me worrying about them but I worry about everything in life- my anxiety has been quite crazy lately because of many issues-Most issues that I worry about do not directly affect me but they affect things that matter to me so I guess somehow they affect me. I get concerned about things that don’t need my concern. I will say this right now I am Republican but that does not mean that I like or appreciate every damn thing a Republican does. I think of myself as an independent thinker, independent thinking in the sense of taking knowledge from different situations different platforms and making my own decisions, just because I vote for a certain person doesn’t mean I’m voting for the person, I’m voting for the policy that he or she is supportive of. We must not forget that Mr. Trump is not the first actor/reality start to be president. I think it was Mr. Ronald Reagan. God rest his soul blessings to both Ronald and Nancy. Also of note today or yesterday Winnie Mandela passed away, she now joined her late husband Nelson. I don’t know what made me title this entry as I did but it was thought of, the entry itself yesterday but I have not accomplished it until today. I actually stayed up last night to watch #TeenMomOG-let me tell you bitches, I am not impressed with several different personalities. Ryan-oh my God hey dude, he is unfit for life, fatherhood anything right now he is not right in the head. I could say the same thing for Adam Lind-That’s a whole Nother story right there, but the stories falling with regard to Ryan Edwards. Holy crap. This guy still needs to be in rehab and he is not he is not taking responsibility for anything in his life. And now I completely understand why his ex-girlfriend #MrsMcKinney look out multiple restraining orders/orders of protection against Mr. Edwards. This kid mind you he is 30, #NotRightInTheHead. The topic of Gary Shirley, OMG he and his wifeIvan have been bashing Amber and Andrew for way too long and Lord knows what is Going to happen to Leah, This poor child is being possibly indoctrinated with Falsities and insane opinions of her father and her stepmother. I understand where Kristina is concerned but-she is not the biological mother, that is Amber‘s job is concerned but-she is not the biological mother, that is Amber’s job.
Enough bitching about the ”reality” television – today itself was pretty good, I spent most of the day at the local shopping mall. Got my ducks in a row when it comes to #glamour, I’m definitely going to need a process of weeding out I don’t I really don’t need versus what I really want/need to add to my beauty arsenal. There are colors I have and their accounts I do not have and I have enough eyeshadow. Or so I think I do, I need different lip colors, I need Contour colors. There are Brown’s I really love in our brands that I would love to try, I have four basic lines of beauty products that I use. I started my make up journey at Ulta & For some reason I’m very partial to their versus Sephora. Though I do love Sephora itself. I have used make up in the past and I always itched but now several years later I have learned different things about my skin and therefore I only purchased certain products that are hypoallergenic and also cruelty free. I am going to spend my evening knitting and socializing. Life is good and I am blessed with wonderful friends family and acquaintances. I know I often post random blogs but that is how my brain works random thoughts random ideas and random articles strike my fancy. So with that I say good night and I appreciate you reading my thoughts as twisted as they are.

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