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So if you follow me on Facebook or sometimes on Twitter, you know that this evening I was keeping an ear out for my little girl-as expected she decided not to go to bed on time. I decided that I would take this opportunity to write my blog about my day, about things that are going on my life recently. Today I spent a good portion of my Thursday at the shopping mall which I normally do on Tuesdays but lately I’ve been doing it two times a week. I did get my glamour grab at my newly favorite cosmetics store #ProfessionalMakeUp has become something I really enjoy lately. I turned 40 in November and I realized that I needed more than just a random Snapchat filter to make me look cute and beautiful. I have spent more than I would have thought on make up within the past 10 weeks-I have been doing a daily routine and posting photos on Instagram. I also lately changed my personal cell phone number and I’m content with that because 99% of the phone calls I get now if I get a funk all it is someone I know and someone who I gave the number to. I have decided that my phone number is my business and if I give it to somebody I expect them to use it. For most social media I have other ways of contact that do not require my phone number with that being said I deleted two apps with an ass couple days because the pool of social applicants was unfavorable. Right now I am watching television and relaxing. With that being said, I’m going to bed with my kids. Thx For Reading A Blog written or shared by MsLVidunder:


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