Beauty Shopping & Positive Energy #UltaBeauty #NyxCosmetics

Hey Y’all, I’m sitting in my bed watching television, just got finished knitting for the evening. Over the past two days, I’ve made extensive upgrades to my beauty arsenal. Safe to say that I am now partial to NyxCosmetics not only is it affordable & it’s professional grade quality. While I do love collecting different products I like getting a plethora of products for $30 or $60 instead of a couple items. With regard to other things happening lately, I am content w/ everything happening in life because I’m removing the stress from my life. I’ve mentioned before about my Instagram posting of daily photos because I like showing off my blooming skills. Even though I have gone gonzo with NYX lately I do hope to slow down the pace because there’s going to be other things I would really want, like fragrances and yarn. With that said I’m logging off and going to bed. Thx For Reading A Blog written or shared by MsLVidunder:


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