Best Intentions #MallDay/#NewTechnology

So I’m sitting here relaxing with my kids because apparently they didn’t want to go to bed on time or by themselves. I spent a good portion of my day out and about-mostly at my second home a.k.a. the shopping mall. I spent a little more than I would’ve liked monetarily but it’ll all come out in the wash long time I will be happy. But I do think I need to start dating rich guy because we all know that money does not grow on trees. With money being the main word of what makes the world go around and the world itself is a complete shit show. We have crazy leaders in every corner of the universe/world. With that said I know that not everybody is a big fan of Mr. Donald John Trump but when I think about what’s happening in the rest of the world mainly Syria and other crazy locations where they have horrible dictators and unfortunately Europe is becoming a hell hole when it comes to leadership and London has overshot New York City when it comes to violence and murderers and that makes me sick to my stomach to see what is been happening in Europe the way they are becoming a Muslim finally refugee family. With that said I know that not all Muslims are negative have a mean bone but there are definitely some Muslim that are radical. And radicalism is all over the world no matter which religion which matter which political affiliation it does not matter anymore because radicalism is everywhere. I am a registered Republican but that does not define my political thought figures and way of life I am not a crazy right-wing conservative douche bag. Some pictures I saw on Instagram tonight kind of bothered me but I’m not gonna shout out who I saw. But the feminist left wing is scary to me. I did have all intentions of being a good little princess today but when I got to Sephora I actually was a little naughty. I purchased #BetterThanSex-Mascara-Mini. I know I have NYX cosmetics #WorthTheHype- which is really awesome for $8 you get a full-size of product. The mini #BetterThanSex was $12. Too Faced in general, is way overpriced I know it takes a lot to put together formulas when they use specific ingredients but for the love of God, $50 for a palette of 12 colors or 16 colors-I am I’m gonna choose another brand that isn’t that expensive. Granted I did purchase the mini #TooFaced milk chocolate and white chocolate. I like TooFaced products but I also like Smashbox, NYX cosmetics Mallybeauty and others that I have looked at but have not purchased right yet. I know that the drugstore has cheaper just as good quality product but there’s something I’m allergic to in a lot of different make up‘s and the ones that are in my medicine cabinet treat me well. I do think I have enough Innoway but sometimes enough isn’t enough. I also really love Ulta instead of Sephora even though I frequent Sephora more than I do Ulta because Sephora is in the mall. But I tell you if I lived in those apartments in #TownCenter, I would definitely be an Ulta exclusive/NYX cosmetics exclusive. I know I know I’m rambling but this is what happens when you have multiple different personalities and they all think of something wants to write about.
The next subject of conversation is my new technology, I decided after not much discussion in my head that it was time for an upgrade and I’ve spent my afternoon working on it. I am the proud owner of a rose gold iPad Pro 10.5. Now yes that’s an upgrade from me. I had an iPad mini and he MacBook Air. I traded that in with a few other elder devices because honest to God, I didn’t use all those different devices. And I will use my iPhone, my iPad and my watch much more. So the iPad is charging because it was working all afternoon iPhone I planted to dictate my next blog using it but my children had other ideas. I do have all the apps set up and some of them are login to the accounts. But now this mama is going to bed because she’s exhausted. Love you reading my rambles. Good night and God bless.



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