#BetterThanSex & #WorthTheHype

I know I named this after mascara but I have been thinking about make up for the last couple weeks as I add more to my beauty arsenal. I have added more #NYXCosmetics to my collection then any other product line. I have thought about going out on a limb and trying some drugstore brands or shall I say brands sold in a drugstore. I’ve always liked #WetNWildBeauty but I took several years off from wearing make up because there were different lines that I was allergic to don’t ask me what I’m allergic to and make up because I have no flipping clue. As I dictate this, I am sitting on the couch downstairs with my puppies. I have question myself again on why I opened an account on HSN. There is nothing I have been remotely interested in over there lately and even though they carry a lot of #Smashbox and #TooFaced cosmetics I don’t necessarily need to purchase from them to obtain those products. If I want to to obtain those products I could do so at Sephora or Ulta. I have always commented about which beauty store was my favorite, each store has some benefit to it. I also signed up for the newsletter from #KatVonD Beauty products. Also coming to my inbox will be the newsletter from #WetNWildBeauty. Now going back to the name sake of this blog, I have both mascaras and honestly I like worth the hype better-but I will admit I do mix and match with those or I have been known to double them up. Now I’m going to talk about the Kardashian‘s a little bit. Oh my god that is drama central right now even more so than normal with the new baby and the parental controversies. I do not usually follow the sisters on everything but I do keep track remotely of what’s going on in the celebrity world. But anyway, with today I did a road trip and it was emotional but entertaining sometimes when you revisitA certain location, after you lose a loved one, the magic of that location is gone. And that is what happened to Quakertown Pennsylvania. I loved that place when my grandmother and my father were alive but now that they have been deceased since 2008 and 2010, the magic in the Quakertown Bucks County Pennsylvania Area has gone away. Anyway my plan for tonight was to sit in bed watch TV & knit but I’m in the dark on the couch with two for both. So I am going to go cuddle up with them and get some sleep. God bless and Godspeed



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