Weekly Rewind #ThursdayThoughts/#VidaLoca

So again I’ve pushed thoughts to the back of my mind but they’ve been there wanting to escape. The other day I posted something to Facebook with a garbage truck at the mall and that night I went through with my threat of deleting “Trash” off my Facebook. I have come to the point in my life where I’m 20 pounds overweight and I cannot handle any type of stress/anxiety also I do not tolerate any bullshit and drama either which is why I left #MeetMe. I have been reading many articles and sharing them to the blog obviously. There’s things that I wish we could turn back the clock a couple years and fix because I can guarantee you the 56 gentleman who signed the Declaration of Independence are clearly rolling over in their graves since this country has gone to the dogs pretty much where we have Democrats gone crazy and conservatives gone ballistic. I’m not saying that Barack Obama was all bad but 99% of his actions made me want to vomit every day. I will not say that Mr. Trump is a godsend but I feel that he is better than what we could’ve have had in Mrs. Clinton. Anyway today is my day off and I’m spending it in my pajamas sharing articles watching TV drinking coffee and knitting-I did my daily Instagram photo of my make up, yes I’m wearing my make up even in my pajamas. The other day I looked up hip replacement because my left hip has been driving me up a wall hurting like the dickens. So I do not need a hip replacement I just need to lose 20 pounds. Thank God I have my simply fit board because I am able to realign the hip And I feel 10,000% better. The weather in Philadelphia and East Coast is drive me up a wall just like the political situation in this country. There have been days where it feels like winter when technically it is spring-we are all pissed off but April is masquerading as January and it is not just the East Coast the Mid East section of the country is having issues as well. Anyway I’m looking forward to May in someways and in someways not but I swear to God before June I am going to get life in order. When I said life in order I’m speaking of my monetary situation. And no I am not going to allow Charles to become my sugar daddy. Charles is some guy on Whisper who wants to give me a $500 per month allowance. No I’m not a slut no I decided not to contact the number but I do still have the screenshot of the image of this money making offer. #WhisperCrazies. Anyway I’m going to carry on with my day and hopefully get a good sleep tonight, I am certain that they’re going to be more crazy offers crazy articles and unbelievable stories coming from my brain so as usual, thank you for putting up with my unpredictability.



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