Elliott Waltrip

So today is the final day of the month, and I’m at home working on my scarves and watching television. The weather in Philadelphia: OMG it’s chilly again. Not happy about it but I am happy that my life is going well, I have friends and family and associates Who give a flying phuck about me. I am building my lifestyle the way I want it-regardless of who or who is not in my life. I keep thinking I want to do a yarn haul But I think about all of the yarn I have in the basement. There is a lot of things that I want that I don’t need that goes for yarn and beauty products. The reason I titled this blog Elliott Waltrip is because Elliott Sadler and Michael Waltrip both have birthdays today, baby Earnhardt is still not here-some people thought that she would come yesterday on a grandfather‘s birthday but that didn’t happen. Her due date is early May but being a first baby we all know that they take is there a sweet old time. Tomorrow is going to be busy busy because I am going to my second home. I’m also looking forward to the next two weeks three weeks because I will be working a little bit of politics. I know I’ve rented about politics before where I’m happy and I’m unhappy depending on what’s going on in the world and for the most part I am blessed to be living a lifestyle that I don’t have to worry about very many things politically affecting my day-to-day life. Yes I voted for Mr. Trump but no that Does not necessarily mean I support every damn thing he does. I am also going to be looking into some of the Cosby trial stuff and other “entertainment” articles. Definitely going to beef up the blog this week. I am going to go cuddle with my kids and stay warm for the rest the day.I will talk to everybody next month.

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